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Sony echoed this need and brought to market the NewsBase a news production system in nonlinear images based on servers which aims to streamline news operations, to have higher levels of speed and efficiency.

In times of internet and digital media, a good scoop can stop being in just seconds, when all the planet's den news among news of the day. In this context, where competition between television channels-particularly those specializing in providing news- is in a free rise, it is essential to have tools to quickly detect the material to be put on the air in the shortest possible time .

Sony echoed this need and brought to market the Newsbase, a system of news production in non-linear images, server-based (works with most computers running the Windows NT operating system). The objective of this system is to streamline the operations of news, so they have higher levels of speed and efficiency.

Basically, the solution works with a marshalling yard, which triggers the recording of incoming material. A few seconds after entering, this is accessible to all users. The full notes pass through a station putting in the air and can automatically sequenced, based on the summary of the news. This enables editors, producers and editors work in a coordinated and simultaneous with the material, in order to place it in the air so quickly.

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Furthermore, the material can be used by several people simultaneously. Each of them are only available directly from the server, without interfering with the work of others. Moreover, as everything is recorded in a single directory, disappear problems such as the resistance of certain producers to share material that actually belongs to the channel, or loss of tapes that obstruct work.

Sony built his own system Newsbase technologies rounding a complete solution. For example, the ClipEdit software enables producers, editors and journalists view the images on their own desktops. Professionals who like to give a personal style or last-minute material can make that traveled quickly and efficiently from any editing station. This application is also useful for selecting the best scenes and title them. Of course, the same software enables senior executives to perform control of the entire finished product before it is aired. This is essential given the flexibility of the solution allows professionals to modify the material. An extension of this software also facilitates post the material on the web.

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The ClipEdit integrates with most news text systems running Windows NT, making it easy to edit video on a screen and write the script in another, with the possibility of exchanging information between them. Supports MOS protocol (Media Object Server), a standard that allows integrating growing storage media, graphics systems, audio servers and video servers with text newsroom systems. ClipEdit addition, Sony provides other types of editors (such as DNE-2000 and 700-DNE) that offer features such as a simile linear editing and effects work in real time.

Applications that integrate the system are designed specifically. Thus the Filing Station operates and distributes incoming material, and On-Air Station automatically sequence the notes that are ready to be issued.

The servers on which the solution is based are flexible, so that cater to the needs of different organizations. The architecture consists of two basic units: the control unit MAV-2000 and storage unit MAV-S2000 RAID3. The first can connect up with 40 of the latter, offering a large storage capacity material. Images are saved in MPEG format with high quality.

The configuration can be started with a single server unit which then may adosarles few necessary. All servers can be managed from single point, making it simple task.

The solution was acquired by chains like Texas Cable News (a news channel that transmits 24 hours in the area) or, more to the Latin American region, TVN, the Chilean National Television.

Until seems ironic: in their eagerness to introduce new products to the market news, Sony ended up making headlines with his NewsBase.

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