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The first contact of the medium with the global industry of A / V was in the last version of InfoComm. Are important to begin to understand the perception of the regional market developed world elements.

by Julian Arcila

{Mosimage} The Latin AV market seems not to have been affected by the winds of economic crisis that have been blowing in recent days in the region and the rest of the world. At least that they seem to indicate the most recent pronouncements made by industry professionals on interviews conducted by AVI Latin America during the last edition of InfoComm, held in Las Vegas, United States, between the 18 and 20 June.

According to the professionals who were consulted by this means, the region is moving forward both in investment and education, but even some related to the issue of dependency of the cost of the solutions lunar persist, which has made companies make investments in technology for the segment of a / V and lighting have to replace in the short term economic solutions, because do not offer the expected performance or quality.

The region is clearly moving in two trends that will impact the industry in some way in the medium and long term. The economic volatility that has caused slowdowns in several economies in the region such as Mexico and Colombia, plus some concerns with the unofficial inflation in countries such as Argentina. No less important is the aspect of sustainability and environmental issues, which are monopolizing more and more corporate spaces and which are essential to the industry A / V, in the sense that the market will tip each day into more efficient solutions energy point of view.

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clear trends

But in addition to what concerns the economy and environmental concerns, the industry has several particular trends according to each specific segment. For the same size of the exhibition it is a bit difficult to display information about the bulk of the industry; however this magazine presents some data that may be important to understand the reality of the market.

One of the segments that has grown in recent years is the mounts, which has advanced hand the development of screens and projectors. In this field, the main trend observed is the ease of installation, explained Eduardo Viteri, manager of international accounts Chief Manufacturing, brand Milestone AV Technology specializes in the professional segment. Viteri added that "professional installers, who constitute the majority of visitors to InfoComm need now mounting solutions that are quick to install and do not require many tools for assembly, as this becomes productive for them, since the less time taken to make a montage, more can make in a day. "

It is important to clarify that when we talk about trends is not in the sense that this word is used commonly; It is talking about realities fully identified within the industry.

Precisely in the segment digital signage, Trend, or actually more important point is the use of large LED screens to cover the buildings, as is done in Las Vegas or New York. As explained Adrian Morel, CEO of Lighthouse Technologies (LED screens) to Latin America, the region is already being used outside LED to replace the posters and billboards, as it is an application that has many advantages, for example, can be weather, work during 24 hours a day and if a cost / benefit analysis is always favorable for the company that makes the installation is done. "For interiors they are making larger screens than plasmas, technology has limitations in size; these solutions are being applied primarily to what is known as audience shows, "Morel said.

But a reality that can not be left aside is the increasing interest of users for having solutions do it yourself, Ie devices that can be used easily and quickly without the obligation to have a technician to operate the system. This trend was mentioned by Katia While, manager for Latin America LifeSize (video conferencing in high definition), who explained that unlike what was previously seen when the systems were difficult to install and operate, at present the user demand solutions where you do not have to be a technician or engineer to manage your team, provided that this mark is given for the development of their solutions.

On the other hand, it can not be ignored this global trend that has emerged from the hand of technological globalization, which raises fully integrated offices and even homes with their different devices connected to each other. This element Juan Montoya, sales manager of Bosch Communications for Central and South America, who noted that "the customer has shown a clear need towards full integration between all its solutions, an element that we are taking to develop our teams delivered ".

It is also becoming more robust day that user need for quality. This was mentioned by Armando Mola, sales manager of Sony Latin America in line Business Solutions, who said that to meet this need that company has launched a new technology known as Bright Era, which consists of a panel made from a inorganic material and which last longer and better defined colors is guaranteed.

No less important today is that user orientation towards mobility. This was said Barbara Birrell, international business development manager for the territories of Canada, Latin America and Asia 3M. He said this official that "more and more business people hopes to use the same technology anywhere and great development in areas such as telephony is a sign that people want to be more and more portable day and bring its technology to more locations ".

Compendium Business in Latin America

Making an analysis of the comments of the experts interviewed, it is possible to deduce that businesses in Latin America have not yet been affected by the threats of the global economic crisis. Representatives of the companies surveyed highlight how it is increasingly common to find in the region committed and willing to invest in the latest technology available in the market companies. Similarly, they highlight how we have maintained the agreements related to the implementation of major projects, which has provided a considerable number of good businesses will be successful.

In the case of Chief Manufacturing things it has been quite positive, as they have enjoyed steady growth of approximately 30% in recent years, without counting performance in the Brazilian market. It is expected that this year there is a slightly higher growth, Viteri said.

Lighthouse for the news is less good. As reported by Adrian Morel, the company has also approached the sustained growth 30%. "Four years ago there was virtually any penetration in the region. In the first year of operations 10 screens were sold. In the second year this figure reached 15, and this season will reach between 20 and 30 units. Large advertising companies have realized that these solutions are a better option, and today we have projects we're talking about 10 screens city, "said the professional.

Another company reported positive results was Inter M Americas, which through its sales director for South America, Javier Navarro, showed an increase of 60%, a result that has been driven by a doubling in sales in South America. "We expect a higher growth this year," he said.

Bosch also obtained figures and achieved good growth during 30 2007% for this year and expects a higher growth 10%, explained Montoya. The reduction in growth targets due to a logical adjustment that occurs after significant growth is achieved.

Sony also made its report and through Armando Mola reported that in 2007 12% growth in the total line, a figure that is expected to be exceeded by the end of this year, reaching a 20% was obtained. To achieve this, the directives of the multinational have undertaken a project known as Condor, which is to double sales in markets such as Peru, Chile and Argentina, specifically in the lines of digital photography, projectors and screens.

Heading towards a developed market

Whenever we talk of Latin America as a market, a concern arises about how developed is this in relation to the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia.

Officials interviewed gave their views on what they think is missing in Latin America to achieve once and for all that coveted place among the leading markets in the world.

Eduardo Viteri development is a matter of time, because in his view the Latino consumer is very fond of new technology from developed markets.

Adrian Morel, meanwhile, said that Latin America has to stop considering the price as the most important factor when buying, because in the long term solutions acquired under this premise eventually work differently. "What the region needs is more in terms of improving the quality of purchase, for thus projects will pay more in the long term," said Morel.

Navarro, Inter M Americas coincided with Viteri, and believes that in the medium term will finish consolidating Latin America, thanks to the ingenuity and creativity of local integrator.

Meanwhile, Juan Montoya, Bosch, explained that what is missing from the region are more knowledge and training. "It's something that we're focusing, establishing academies in many countries and this has given us very good results," he said.

In this first contact with the world industry of A / V they were enough elements to understand the important role that Latin America on the world map of this technology. Perhaps the most clear sign of this is that unlike other industrial segments with which the editor has had contact in this business international companies trying to reach Latin America through native people of the region as the spearhead of his commercial strategy. Others are more seasoned and have representatives in the region to foreigners who simply want to know first hand the economic dynamics of the territory.

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