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The frames market continues to grow and evolve together with the field of flat screens

by Alejandra Garcia Velez

Today virtually every household have or plan to have a home theater system; Also, companies use flat screens in their facilities to multitask. As important as choosing a good plasma or LCD monitor it is to use a mount that allows to make the most out of the device possible.

The market

Therefore, it is not surprising that the growth of the display industry directly affects sales of frames. For example, according to information provided by the Terra Mexico website until last September sales of computer products and electronic devices in that country they had increased 14.6 percent over the same period of 2007, to settle at 34 billion dollars. On the other hand, the production of flat screen televisions is expected to be maintained for 2008 in about 13.5 million units.

Eduardo Viteri, manager of international accounts Milestone AV Technologies, said that there are several factors that have determined the progressive growth of the industry assembly solutions and electronics in general. Undoubtedly, one such factor is the demand for suitable mounting devices for modern televisions that are sold today and whose sale has increased in recent years. "All channels of sales and distribution, including the end user, have created awareness that to a significant investment as buying a LCD, plasma or monitor, regardless of size, the most appropriate is to use high-quality solutions, modern and with all the necessary guarantees to support the long-term investment aesthetics, "the official said.

However, trends in the market vary from one actor to another, it is the case of professional and commercial installers, which are synchronized with the trends in Europe and the United States; according Viteri, this is due to the needs of an installation are the same independent of the geographical point where they are made. Not so in the wholesale market, as this depends on the level of acceptance and product knowledge, the ability to purchase, among other variables.

Apparently the frames market in Latin America continues to rise despite the economic uncertainty being experienced worldwide; Eduardo Viteri said about that "it is difficult at this time to set a real growth projection due to economic uncertainty has affected every Latin American market in different ways and at different speeds too. However, I believe that we will see a significant rebound short and medium term due to the increasing accessibility that has the final consumer LCD and plasmas "televisions.

However, in view Viteri, Latin America still lacks mature more to take advantage of technological advantages that are available in more developed markets. But this maturation process depends on outside features the same industry circumstances, among them is the ability of consumer acceptance and change to new technologies, taxation, overprotection market in some countries and even geography that allows that technology products arriving more quickly and easily to some regions. Therefore, Eduardo Viteri said that "the next two or three years will be vital in Latin America regarding the implementation of new technologies and their widespread acceptance."


Given the above scenario AVI LATINOAMÉRICA wanted to investigate some generalities of this segment takes more strength every day. The first question that customers usually make is how the installation of each frame varies? Precisely why Chief Manufacturing has designed a program that lets you create through internet an appropriate configuration for each project. Upon entering www.mountbuilder.com you access to an interface where just by selecting variables such as media type, make and model of the screen, the characteristics of the frame (fixed, tilt, in-wall, Etc.) and accessories. The program indicates the depth to which should pierce the wall, how much weight will support the mount, among other data.

According Viteri the process is simple, as long as the installer expect a simple solution to install; however, it makes a very general description of a process installation with a fixed wall mount:

The first step would be to determine the required mounting solution:

* Identify whether the installation will be wall, ceiling or some other solution more specialized as an automated installation, multimonitor, modules for conference rooms etc.
* Identify depending on the size and weight of the LCD / plasma universal or customized solution for the screen.
* Choose additional accessories that complement the saddle as for example, in the case of a wall installation, the central or side adapter for speakers, the conditioner power, pre-construction recess box, trays for video conferencing among other accessories .

Second, the facility itself:

* Demarcate the exact location where it will be mounted on the wall bracket through a drill that will guide during installation.
* Align the initial demarcation frame to ensure that the fitting is fair to both the parallel and vertical bars.
* Insert the support on the wall using reference guide initial drilling.
* Screw interface bracket in the back of the LCD / plasma.
* Insert and mount the LCD / plasma wall support.
However, it is important to note that the second part of this example installation varies as each one is different.

Eduardo Viteri gives some tips to keep in mind when choosing a frame.

to. Support the Dealer, Distributor and end customer will receive before, during and after installation by the manufacturer.
b. The quality of the frame and all certifications of it, which ensures long-term installation.
c. The support of the brand in everything that has to do with issues of marketing and advertising.
d. Services and innovations that facilitate the installation process.
and. Product warranty.


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