A permit that became company

Frank Barreto, general manager of Auvision, is the Professional of the month. A man is declared workaholic, but enjoys stamp collecting, reading and travel.

By: Hector Gomez Perez

In our region the news referring to Venezuela are few: for oil, by its chairman on the beautiful beaches of Isla Margarita, for your football team who left the basement of classifications in South America; in short, it is a country that for one reason or another is part of the pages of newspapers in Latin America and the world. This time Venezuela is again protagonist also in AVI LATINOAMÉRICA as the Professional Month this year is in this country; this is Frank Barreto, general manager of Auvision, a company with almost 30 years of experience in the industry audio and video.

It all began in Caracas

Frank Barreto was born in Caracas, the Venezuelan capital, 4 September 1955. His studies conducted electronic engineering at the University of Simon Bolivar and has a specialization in business engineering from the same school, and other courses and seminars for professional improvement.

His connection to the audio industry and the video came shortly after obtaining his degree in a television factory stereos and Admiral brand; There he held positions as head of quality control, production manager and plant manager.

This note is called "a permit company that became" precisely because in his time employee of Admiral, Barreto asked permission to help a friend who was in a hurry. "In September 1979 I asked permission to help a friend solve some problems in sound systems and simultaneous translation of the plenary hall of the Convention Center Caracas for the World Interparliamentary Conference. We achieve lift systems so I offer the contract for maintenance of the equipment, an activity that started me as an entrepreneur the 1 1979 December, "Barreto said.

Then came new contracts and the final consolidation of Auvisión, as recalled Barreto: "In June 1980 we are sub-contracted by Philips to install the second digital control system microphones and simultaneous translation that is implemented in the world, we definitely introduced into the audio and video business. In 1984 we started as industrial with the assemblage of antennas tv, audio cassettes, video cassettes, audio accessories, video and multimedia with Auvision brand. It was in that year that we promote new investments, expand services, product lines and consolidate what is now the company ".

Barreto outside Auvision

Our guest is declared a compulsive worker, he is a lover of travel and readings that refer to the sites you are traveling, but states that it does not read as much as you like just by your hobby to work. In addition he plays tennis and golf, collect stamps and has interests saxophone and painting.
For almost 30 years Teresita Rojas married and has two children: Fabiola of 22 years 19 Frank Ricardo.

Professional and business

When doing business and meet the goals that currently requires industry audio and video Frank Barreto was emphatic. According to him a trained and willing human resources required; a satisfied and open to a nearby business customer; also offer comprehensive solutions that go beyond the immediate requirement and can be projected over time, overcoming any initial expectation. With regard to the product he indicated that "should have the best and most current service offering, in addition to teams with the best innovation."

Against the growth of industry in Venezuela Barreto said that is a country where people and businesses are very likely to use the most advanced technology, which has led to the evolution of the industry they are permanent, have been made significant investments in equipment and show that many people interested in working in the industry. Likewise he notes that the proximity to the US makes it easier to upgrade technologically Venezuela, establish interactions and allows event attendance by professionals.

Regarding education industry issues opined that "Venezuela is very poor and because there is no empirical academies engaged in the audiovisual area and very little communication in general; those who study the audiovisual media have choice, but more oriented production. " It also considered that the companies become schools where learning based on practice, but not from a theoretical base. "Some dealers and rental companies have taken initiatives but with very short courses and seminars that always require minimal knowledge," he added.

The future and recognition

Barreto thinks the current global economic environment will be conducive to generating uncertainty in the industry that acupa us, but believes that you can not lose optimism that blindly believes in the potential of audio and video professionals.

Al indagarle for reasons that have earned him recognition both in Venezuela and the region believes that Auvision has offered a modest but existoso service in many of the events of global significance and important projects that have taken place in Venezuela, "some I am proud of our country and the duty done, "said the professional.

This work done with the Venezuelan industry professional audio and video Barreto the part of: a trained human resources, advanced technology, quality that exceeds expectations, innovation and continuous development and profitability with social commitment. In the aspect of human resources also he said that "in relations with subordinates and partners seek mutual respect, continuous improvement of labor and social welfare and seeking win-win outcomes."

For now Frank Barreto continue to head Auvision with the same discipline that has allowed recognizing in Venezuela, that it forces you to arrive before 7: 30 am and not let him go home before 7: 00 pm; the same that has made during their working life write down all your outstanding papers which does not break up the tasks to completion. That which has led him to have weekly meetings with the leaders of your organization to monitor the objectives and results.
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