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Almacenes La Cita shares with readers AVI LATINOAMÉRICA a success in installing an A / V system in Medellin headquarters of the National Federation of Coffee Growers.

By: Hector Gomez Perez

If mention of Colombia is immediately necessary to refer to what is considered the quintessential national product: coffee. It is no coincidence that the Colombian grain is listed as the best quality in the world and its international symbol: Juan Valdez, always beside his mule "Conchita" is a picture of wide international recognition.

The case study AVI LATINOAMÉRICA share with all readers took place in Medellin, the second largest city in Colombia, precisely at the headquarters of an entity that has a close relationship with the coffee in that country: the National Federation Coffee Growers.

This entity was born in 1927 and since then its raison d'etre has been aimed at representing grain producers at the national and international levels, he has also ensured their welfare and improve their quality of life and their families.

New system of A / V

We invite Juan Alberto Tamayo, director of projects Almacenes La Cita to explain the details of this installation was carried out between May and June this year. As discussed by Tamayo manufacturers involved were TOA, Electro Voice, Bosch, Cue, Altinex and Polycom.

"We chose these brands for the excellent support they have and the different developments we have made in Colombia," said Tamayo.

For the project involved five different systems were installed, but all monitored from a central computer located at reception where all the management of audiovisual systems is given.

  • Boardroom: Audio system for a digital mixer TOA M9000 series was used with two amplified channels, each 120v 70w online. This is in charge of receiving all audio signals and amplify them or send them to the video conference.

Likewise a system of meetings of the Bosch brand was installed, in addition to serving on the conference table for debate and discussion, it helps collect microphone signals.

To prevent movement of participants to project images of portable collection points were installed VGA signals on the conference table. With a VGA matrix Altinex these signals to the projection screen of 100 '' or a Plasma 40 "monitor routed. This system thus allows to have two different projections simultaneously.

The room control is performed through a controller CUE brand connected via an Ethernet point, something that sets it apart from other brands, which allows the monitoring is done through a network of this type of customer final.

"For rapid execution of certain sequences a keypad CUE-finished stainless steel was installed," said Tamayo.

  • Meeting room: It has a system similar to above, with the difference that does not have a system of discussion, which was changed by wireless microphones EV table and has no VGA signal routing. The video conferencing system is the Polycom brand.

  • Audience: Basically the system is similar to the one installed in the previous two enclosures, in which the change is represented by connecting equipment such as microphones. a conventional mixer Peavey 10 branded channels also annexed.

Tamayo explained that "unlike the previous two systems, this is four speakers placed ZX1i EV and two bass amplification EV SB2A also were used. We saw the need to locate low because in the enclosure musical performances are made and the bass is very helpful in such events ".

He further noted that these low self apart from being amplified have another amplifier to connect speakers with their courts.

On the operation of the system, the guest made an important precision that are worth noting. "For three spaces a similar design was performed in the control and basic equipment. This in order that the person who operates feel comfortable and find no differences between the two. This way saves time in training and tuning the system, "Tamayo said.

  • Distributed Audio: As the customer wanted a system BGM, the installer group did not appeal to the alternative of putting a distributed amplifier and speakers. similar to that employed in the spaces described above matrix was used to this solution and smart, each channel configurable 500 watts power line 70 / 100v, 8, 4 2 ohm or four-channel amplifier was used. To control the system controller used the CUE mark.

On the operation of distributed audio system Juan Alberto Tamayo said that "the person in charge of receiving turns your computer and runs the monitoring program. With only one button turns the system and it automatically goes into background music mode. If the person wants to give a message, select on the screen to which floors or areas you want to transmit and speak into a microphone. Simpler could not have done ".

  • Television room: It is a Premium room with plasma screen television 42 '' DVD Marantz Marantz stereo amplifier. This last decision by the customer.

Why such a solution?

The Medellin headquarters of the National Federation of Coffee Growers has a high demand for meetings, they have therefore designed a floor of the building for this purpose. Hence the importance of having spaces have all the technical facilities audio and video. The distributed audio is designed for three floors and an estimated total of 120 users.

Tamayo said that there are three aspects that have been decisive in the new installation of A / V of the National Federation of Coffee Growers:

  • Use: It is a system that uses permanently saved and will not let the complexity of management.
  • Weather: The person in charge of handling the above system to 5 10 delayed by minutes readying equipment. Currently this procedure is done by pressing a button.
  • Prestige: Apparently Juan Alberto Tamayo, this is a system that gives prestige to this professional body and that just a few days of installed has made users feel comfortable and satisfied in meetings.

"The systems were previously used basically manual and every space was three, cuatroo five remote controls and connections were not practical. The sound in the meeting was amplified with a set of home theater, "said the guest, adding that" for me the biggest advantage is saving time in implementation and tuning the system, and the operator does not need be a technician in audiovisual systems and must only have the basics of computers. "

Final results

The guest noted that as in any facility were a couple of drawbacks, but not coated some gravity. On the end-user satisfaction he said that "so far the system is starting to be used, but the person who is happy and who does not take long to walk put any room systems."

As advice for companies and individuals who are starting in the installation of audio and video, Juan Alberto Tamayo said that "it is important, very important, listen to customers to meet their needs and not feel, at the time of delivery the project, which squandered their money. "

Today the National Federation of Coffee Growers based in Medellin with an optimal audio and video system that guarantees satisfaction to its users. Needless to emphasize the importance of these resources for unionization taking important decisions to ensure the development of coffee growing families, until the end of 2008 had opened 170 Cafes Juan Valdez throughout Colombia and abroad and implements strategies for this country to keep the global share of 17 million bags.


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