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As Best-200x300Each project has its particularities audio, so a successful solution may not have the same results when applied to another installation. Then we delve into the importance of audio systems to measure.

Sebastian Fernandez

One of the most important social events for people, regardless of religion that professes, is marriage. So the couple go with several days in advance with the tailor or dressmaker to make them their tailored suits. In the case of the bridegroom it determines whether it is more convenient a tuxedo or tailcoat; if the color to wear during the ceremony should be dark or light, and other details like clothing it should be adjusted or rather loose.

Something similar happens with audio solutions: each project and each client has its own needs, although the enclosures in which you are installing the system are similar to each other. It's where audio systems to measure (systems that meet all customer expectations) come to play a major role.

Two experts in the field share with readers of AVI LATINOAMÉRICA their experiences with regard to this topic from Colombia guest is Oswaldo Rueda Robles, manager of Yamaki Ltda and from Mexico Oscar Barrientos Peña, head of technical support and instructor for Latin America Meyer Sound.

Yes when and when not to

For guests it is always recommended an audio system to measure because as explained by Barrientos "all projects have specific needs and challenges, so that always custom systems are designed."

To this Rueda he added that "the needs are different, so the enclosures are very similar. For example there are very similar auditoriums in form, but the user requires different applications and this makes the system more robust sound or easier than another. "

When we talk about the aspects to consider when installing a good audio system to the extent they surfaced some as knowledge and experience in the assembly of these solutions, and have a quick and timely access products required for integration. "It is important that representatives of different brands in countries do a good job that includes existence of products and fast import them when so, in addition to required to meet the new equipment users for the market is kept updated, "Rueda said.

All this without neglecting the knowledge of the project and have a permanent communication with the user, monitor and complete the installation meeting projected and time agreed.

Today industry

Today's offer audio equipment is so broad that there is a product for virtually any project. While there are situations where the needs are very particular, designers also found an ingenious solution, though, to ensure end-user satisfaction. "New technologies have created a wider field of possibilities that are always well acepatadas by experts. In this sense the designers put limits can not survive in a changing world, the real designers do not know the limits "express Barrientos.

A project involving an audio system to measure, first must have a very active participation of the client and finally is the one who knows your needs and the results expected from the system. In this part enters the integrator to make recommendations on equipment that adapt to this need, according to the following recommendation made by Oswaldo Rueda: "The integrator must make system design always thinking that teams will offer have the possibility to expand, as it is normal that the customer is running once the system will want to add other functions. "

In addition to the technical support and warranty of equipment, the integrator must consider the practical and functional aspects as stressed Barrientos must also take care that the aesthetics of the equipment is consistent with the enclosure.

In what has to do with the current demands of customers of these systems, Oswaldo Rueda said "when it comes to distributed systems, usually ceiling and wall speakers (sometimes weatherproof) are required. When are auditoriums, conference rooms or videoconferencing customers are concerned about the shape and size, and in some cases the technical requirements for the assembly or installation. "

Meanwhile Oscar Barrientos believes that the current user demands have to do with SPL, coverage, easy operation and maintenance, equipment reliability, compliance with the projected and the best support and service possible.

The challenges and success stories

"In this industry you must be very attentive ear to customer needs; This has created the best companies that ultimately owe their customers and their demands. Other challenges are always going in the direction of having better reliability and performance, invariance of the product over time and provide better care, "Barrientos said.

Rueda felt that this matter should have products that are competitive technologically with those of other brands, keep informed representatives from each country about the latest products, have good communication with distributors to determine whether new equipment complies with market requirements and design versatile technologies in performance and priced to allow competitive.

He said that "one of the most important aspects in Latin America is to support the representatives of each country in all aspects, enforcing the distribution line."

On a success the representative of Meyer Sound shared the National Auditorium in Mexico City, and noted that its importance lies in the installation of a new sound system that was successful conclusion thanks "to the quality of technical support and speed reaction when the customer needed, coupled with the best product and system design, as well as better monitoring of compliance than projected ".

Oswaldo Rueda mentioned the installation to be held in the restaurant Andrés Carne de Res Bogota, the Colombian capital, which is required to handle different environments music and sound management for areas depending on the floor. In total the user required 8 stereo audio inputs to send to the different floors and areas. For this processor traded to handle 16 72 inputs and outputs for the different zones (stereo in some places and in other monophonic).

In turn 111 speakers with different features that should meet the demands of sites dance, ambient sound, external sound and live performances they will be installed. For handling of the speakers will be installed 27 amplifiers, for a total of 62.500 watt RMS power.



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