Panther has a new platform on its website for users to find used high-quality products in optimum condition.

Panther has a new platform on its website for users to find used high-quality products in optimum condition.

The equipment available on this page is reviewed by service engineers Panther and is serviced by themselves, if necessary.

The company offers money back 7 days if the product does not meet expectations, 6 months warranty for repairs and service. Likewise, Panther has a network of international contacts that allow you to locate any product found outside his portfolio used.

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Among the products used Panther selling include: dollies and accessories, remote heads, cameras, lenses, lights, filters, Camera Mounts, discontinued equipment, among others.

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deceo sell
# deceo sell 19-09-2016 21:52
sell team to put a production .with audio equipment to record label record, playback in various formats from vhs HD.12 pole tripods cameras 4 profecionales see in thomeproduction
# JOSE A TORRES 13-03-2017 18:44
Good afternoon, I want to sell used equipment that have to producccion as, arri kit, dolly 4 2 straight curved, manfrotto tripod, 4 batt charger swit, anton bawer, Ikegami camera, sony, canon, Tiffen filters, mic senhaiser, etc ..
you can help me,
Manuel Laynes
# Manuel Laynes 14-07-2017 23:14
Good night, I'm looking
Panasonic AG-UX90 camera
Semi new to buy.
I would like to get in touch in my mail:
Phone: 51- 931117880
# enrique 11-10-2017 04:26
I AM SELLING TWO SOURCES OR BALASTS FOR LUMINOTECNIA OF SECOND GERMAN BRAND DESISTI DEB from 4500 watts and another of the same brand from 750 to 1200 require maintenance are of graduating intensity I receive any offer email cel 3042027002luis
# Martha 28-02-2018 21:19
We sell lighting equipment, monitors, cranes, sound and mass console. ... interested reply via email will send more information
# Martha 28-02-2018 21:21
We sell equipment sounds consoles, crane, monitor and masss via mail more information


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