digital advertising: the power of content

altIn this article the author discusses the importance of content in advertising, an ingredient that often put aside integrators more concerned equipment or technical aspects.

By David Wilkins *

As systems integrator is easy to focus exclusively on the technical aspects of the design of a digital advertising network for your client. Decisions such as the display type, the number of projection screens, where is located, the way they connect, and the type of engine that will power tend to dominate the development of a network of digital advertising. Decisions on the content to be broadcast on the network, on the other hand, have long considered the sole responsibility of the client or network operator.

With respect to time to launch digital advertising network keep in mind that the team you selected has already been tried and tested; content is what will determine the success or failure. By early analysis of the content needs of your customer and deep knowledge of the strengths of the different systems of digital advertising, you can select the right technology partners to help ensure success.

Definition content
When most people think of the content for a digital advertising network, they tend to focus strictly on advertising. While there are some situations where it makes perfect sense to deploy a network of digital advertising only advertising, broadening the definition of the content of digital advertising offers the advantage of having a strong program with a defined and consistent orientation.

The fundamental problem of a narrow to define as strictly based on advertising content approach is the real risk that the digital advertising network fall into ubiquity, the mundane and eventually to no more than a monotonous accessory store. In many circumstances, if a digital advertising network only provides ads, viewers of your client will become indifferent certainly, as traditional viewership commercial skips with a DVR and client lose an excellent opportunity to develop and enrich their brand .

The ability to attract audiences, make note a new product or service, encourage them to action and connect them to a brand is the ultimate purpose of all digital advertising content. The different content of advertisements can help achieve these goals, create new opportunities for advertising and sponsorships, enhance the editorial content, and viewers give your customer a reason to stop and look at the screens.

Needs Assessment
Personalization and customization are essential to think about the content elements and how to present it, in particular to strengthen a brand. Each technological solution in the digital advertising currently has its strengths and weaknesses, and therefore a thorough assessment of the needs of your customer content before purchasing a system for them is the key to succeed.

For example, your client needs to include stock quotes updated with data taken automatically breaking news or agencies? Does your client want to create their own continuously updated data to highlight news, promotions or business activities in the community? Do you plan to transmit mostly simple data or require additional bandwidth to support a heavy load of video? How often do you need to update your client programming? Does your client some experience in design or package shall incorporate a system based template libraries?

¿Provide its customer all material or expected to buy and broadcast content also news agencies? If your client plans to purchase content agency, you have the resources to respond to rights management, or you need to hire someone to coordinate programming?

Knowing the ropes development of content-and what kind of content is more appropriate in what moment you can plantearles guarantee its customers the right questions and develop accurate to meet your network needs.

Advantages for the integrator
For the systems integrator, success comes when customer expectations regarding digital advertising fit, or are superadas- for results. By being able to educate their customers in all the details that must be considered when developing and deploying digital advertising content, you further consolidates its position as an expert in your field. The analysis of the content needs of your customer and making recommendations can not only open the door for new sales as the network expands his client, but can also present the opportunity to offer new services.

Ultimately, taking the design of a digital advertising network a step beyond technology, you can take advantage of the project to create loyalty with your brand and a competitive advantage.

* David Wilkins is currently President and CEO of X2O Media. It has two US patents for designs of core technology and has an engineering degree from Concordia University and an MBA from McGill University. In 2003 ARISTA received two prizes, Young Entrepreneur of Quebec and Exporter of the Year, awarded by the Chamber of Commerce Youth of the city of Montreal. In 2004 it was listed on the prestigious list of top forty under forty years in Canada "Top 40 40 Under" ™.
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