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altThe world of LED screens for the entertainment industry is increasingly competitive and has on technological innovation and the installation and maintenance advice their main weapons when they reach the end user.

By Santiago Jaramillo H.

As is well known the LED screens are now an almost inevitable element in shows or shows, and in the case of outdoor events they can do things that other products do not. The LED display has the advantage of working and be easily seen under sunlight due to its high brightness or in adverse conditions where rain is made present.

In summary it can be said that this type of display can work outdoors without interruption by unfavorable climatic reasons, which is certainly a point in his favor, then imagine what can be achieved with them under normal conditions.

Another aspect that is also worth noting in this technology, especially the segment dedicated to shows, is the enormous capacity for innovation has been achieved, of course, being well aware of the benefits that may also have other technologies.

Precisely to help us better elucidate the picture of LED screens in the spectacles sector in Latin America, we invited two experts in the field, Edgardo Boqué, president of the Argentina company RGB Lighting Systems SA, and Adrian Morel, CEO of Lighthouse Technologies for Latin America.

"In terms of research and development in the sector, specifically LED screens, has moved from system to system digital high real technology (Full HD). It has also increased bits 14 16 to the standard now being 16 bits (previously optional). In colorcromáticos terms, has gone from 4.4 281 trillion colors trillion colors. In terms of MESH or curtains, it has already ceased to be 8 16.7 million bits with colors and are already 10 and 14 between bits. It also has improved LED manufacturer, now MESH can be found with CREE or NICHIA "says Adrian Morel.

For his part, the representative of the industry Argentina said: "I think the biggest change has been presented (in research and development) is the application of SMD LEDs in 3 1 for outdoor use screens. LEDs SMD 3 in 1, which are surface mount with a red LED, one green and one blue, in the same package, have grown considerably in brightness and created encapsulated waterproof and UV rays, therefore They look great even in direct sunlight and are weatherproof. Also new screens for shows is improving and increasing the supply of flexible displays in different resolutions, and very low weight. "

What experts recommend
When choosing LED technology is necessary to be clear about what can be achieved with the same, so we encourage our guests to give him some recommendations to have in mind to install a system of this type.

The company president RGB Lighting Systems SA said that "although it is very difficult to recommend a customer a certain product, indicating only the most mentioned specifications, such as resolution, brightness, maker of chip, etc, as many manufacturers create great confusion with that topic and much worse is that lot of sellers, generally due to ignorance and some of misconduct, give false information, especially about the chips ".

Therefore, our guest suggests buying only manufacturers and distributors prestigious and experienced, who are those who can advise the client on what system is needed for each application, and also to offer a security product.

"Of course, when one thinks of the big brands, with its excellent products, we also think of high costs, which in many applications must accept them, although in recent years appeared many new manufacturers with products very competitive in price and with an outstanding quality in some regions took much of the market. However, I see that every day have less room cheap products, which necessarily have to be manufactured with poor quality components for low costs and end up having a very ephemeral life what it transforms into a unpresentable product in a short time " says the Argentine guest.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Lighthouse Technologies for Latin America coincides arguing that "the recommendation for the customer who wants to install a LED display is to communicate directly with the manufacturer or system integrators to obtain reliable and good source information. An LED display looks easy at first sight, but it requires consulting a professional because they are very expensive equipment (on average more than US $ 250.000) and there is no room for mistakes. "

Time balances
When speaking of balances in so far 2010 the numbers, though not exorbitant, yes you can see a clear trend of growth, and industry representatives are optimistic about how it will end the year.

"The industry shows in recent years has a moderate expansion in general, but the LED screens are replacing certain stage sets and lighting complementing very well the shows you can say that is an attractive market," says Boqué.

Meanwhile, Morel noted that the Latin American sector has a very important significance and autonomy. For example, the same show that make international music groups in Latin America is repeated with the same technology.

As for the balance that leaves so far 2010, Morel says that "projects started well and even better. Latin America has not been affected in the way it has been the United States, Europe and Asia, because Latin America has an economy with fewer bubbles and more strength, being an economy with little emphasis on dependence on credit. Logically there are fewer projects but are more authentic, "he concludes.


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