Frames, the perfect complement

altThere are several aspects to consider when choosing frames for a mega event, among them we can highlight two that are paramount: Application and useful features of the frame, and design flexibility in aesthetic and functional sense.

By Santiago Jaramillo H.

We must be clear and pointing forcefully that although there are different and very complete offerings in the market, always looking for professionals in charge of assembling a mega event is to complement and at the same time simplifying its work through the effective alternatives that can offer the manufacturer, particularly in regard to the segment of frames.

That's why this time we wanted to invite a representative of a leading manufacturer of these items in order that we update on what the requirements of the industry and, especially, on a term that has been coined with great force in the industry, "tailored solutions".

That is, the manufacturers become an active part of the integrator segment, a link in the chain, the perfect complement, through the joint development of alternatives specially designed for the requirements of the assemblies that advance their allies in each demanding entertainment industry.

Our guest is Eduardo Viteri, director of international sales company ProMounts.

Application and useful features of the frame
According Viteri, the mount must be multifunctional to achieve attached to the different needs that the "mega events", ie have the ability to position the screen vertically or horizontally, possessing the ease of handling of wiring attached to them which also count on ceiling or wall accessories that complement the installation, as well as twists and extensions to help cover the different viewing angles to be considered in a show of great proportions.

Design flexibility in aesthetic and functional sense
Due to high traffic "mega events", the aesthetic appearance is attractive to people. consistent and modern designs, in this case, they have to go hand in hand with the functionality of the frame.

They are also very important technology and countenances manufacturing used during the process and completion of the frame, such as layers of anti-corrosive paint for exterior or interior applications with lots of open space, as in the case of enclosures used in mega events .

Also keep in mind the quality certifications that can ensure the widespread use of a mount amidst hostile environments, as in many cases is required in mega events, and it is imperative unconditional support of the manufacturer of the frame .

In a segment such as mounts, an important aspect is definitely the research and, of course, the new technologies that are incorporated in favor of better performance.

"In the research aspect and considering that the company we have our own department of product development and engineering, we are constantly inquiring, evaluating and implementing innovations to our product lines that will be used in commercial and professional applications, such as the if the "mega events" said Viteri, who also adds that "the design of professional and commercial mounts ProMounts is based on studies and recommendations of installers, who are the eyes and ears of the industry."

Also, our guest stresses that "the latest trends in frames for 'mega events' reflect simple but multidinámicos designs, mounting structures of high quality and durability, adjustables to additional products that go hand in hand with a saddle as in the case of LED screens, heavy projectors, cables (audio / video) of different diameters, etc. ".

Because mega events are showcases for advertising frames, they must have infaltables countless aspects, such as all necessary hardware to fit any eventuality that may arise during installation. Similarly, the mount must count and be attachable to different additional accessories including a successful solution for such events. That is, it should include qualitative aspects of engineering, design and manufacturing to quantify the success of the solution once it has been applied in a macro environment as it is a mega event.

On the other hand, in regard to the challenges posed by the segment, the representative of ProMounts considers that the principal has to do with the custom requirements can not be met immediately. That is, "the same magnitude of a mega event often involves planning line by the team in charge of the execution of the event and in some cases the lack of communication or timing between supervisors of mega events and logistics involving satisfy designs or custom applications due to the lack of a mount tailored by the manufacturer, may cause delays in the delivery of a product, which is critical for this type of show, "he says.

heartening part
When asked about the balance that delivers the segment of frames in the Latin American region, delivers Viter of satisfaction and at the same time, sees good prospects what will be the future of this industry.

"I think overall the balance is positive, because the mega events are on the rise. Leaving aside the current economic recessions or braking affecting all markets differently, the use of bulky premises for the development of mega events has more recently become popular. In addition, with new technologies it is more feasible to conduct contests of any kind. There is definitely a same timing and implementation of all global components that are part of a mega event will dictate that future even further popularize this type of activity, "emphasizes our guest.

As for the main challenge of the segment, Viteri reiterated that "will always be to have all the accessories and devices inventoried available to installers and supervisors of mega events and this only by the magnitude of the application that involves performing a contest of these characteristics without contracting any eventuality. Yes, I believe that today there are enough solutions for the vast majority of mega events such as the particular case of ProMounts where the design of our products, the timely selection of the same, and the feasibility of power dock with any need has added value we offer as a manufacturer of frames "he says.

Likewise, it recommends that when choosing a manufacturer "is very important to support the brand not only unlimited guarantee, but the customer service and of course the price is fair."
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