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altLED lighting is increasingly an option that becomes stronger in the commercial segment, so we wanted to dedicate a special space to the issue and inquire about the main new features and functionality that has this type of application today.

By Santiago Jaramillo H.

The use of LED lighting in buildings of commercial character depends on many factors, explains Daniel Tatini, representative of Traxon Technologies of Brazil, who also warns that the major variables in using this technology depend primarily on innovative thinking and dynamism the project as well as the option of the designer responsible for the desired effect and style adopted. LEDs solutions also undergo integrate other aspects of a project, such as a shopping center can be created by the movement generated people effects.

Tatini also warns that "there are different technologies available and not always the most appropriate is that of the LEDs, although there are enough products for virtually all projects. The ability to control the LEDs, since its intensity or changes in tones and colors is very interesting and starts being successfully used by architects and lighting designers. Integration with other systems control center or commercial building can certainly be decisive to integrate and simplify solutions, "emphasizes our guest, who also ponders that" conditions of installation and operation are very important to ensure continuous operation and satisfactory".

According Jenaro Brinon, project engineer company ImanCorp and ProLED mark, when choosing lighting for buildings or malls the alternative of using LED lighting is very intelligent, so our guest of the Colombian industry exposes the following points: as determinants items when choosing this technology:

  • Energy saving is remarkable compared to traditional luminaires.
  • Maintenance costs are significantly reduced and as we know in many cases for this segment access difficulties presented luminaires, either by the height at which they are installed and / or because the replacement costs are in most cases superior even to the intrinsic value of the lamp.
  • The dangers of overheating in facilities away from the control panel are minimal due to reduced electricity consumption.
  • The waste of this type of luminaire are little contaminants so they do not generate environmental risk.
  • It is important to good advice when choosing luminaires to observe details such as the color temperature and color rendering index, and seek the most appropriate type to replace the particular luminaire lamp.

Innovation, starting point
The development of new LED products has been rapid, reaching offer yields of about 120 lumens per watt consumed commercially. Also, in the latest developments, lights to replace almost all conventional similar are achieved, and really the prices have been reduced to the point that many fixtures can recover their initial investment times previously unthinkable. At present the return of the initial investment can be achieved in less than four months in places of permanent use.

Brinon says companies developing high-efficiency LEDs, looking to reach 150 lumens per watt mid-2011. "In Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and China, several companies offer us every day new to replace conventional lighting and other applications products. In the decorative part, the walls bathed with light of different colors or controlled by digital systems (DMX) RGB systems are often used. In addition to water sources, ponds, etc. are very applicable "he says.

On the other hand, warns that "the development of organic LEDs promise in the medium term, marigolds from the point of view of non-focal diffuse illumination. It is a completely new concept in this area, which now can begin to enjoy. "

Meanwhile, in regard to the latest trends in LED lighting for the commercial segment, the company representative Traxon Technologies Brazil asserts that "there are a number of specific products for each segment and certainly the ability to integrate these solutions in control systems is what most stands out. LEDs can give many faces the same project for its dynamism, to others to bring issues such as sustainable development and execution of projects without wasting light, once the optical control, through more precise lenses, can avoid such waste "he says.

At the same time, Tatini reveals that there are some aspects that should be ever present with respect to LED lighting centers or commercial buildings, such as proper sizing and layout because it is a new solution. For it is clear that for people who use the spaces nothing should change.

Tatini also notes that "a proper study, as in a conventional solution is always the critical part of a lighting project. That a lighting designer is the most appropriate professional. Many manufacturers also make these studies, but the specification is usually conditional only their products. "

Jenaro Brinon, meanwhile, says that from his experience can assure "that replacing filament lamps, whether or reflector bulb type are those that recover the initial investment in less time. The portholes, reflectors, bulbs and dichroic, are the first of this list. We must also recognize that we are still on the way to replace public lighting luminaires and fluorescent tubes, because we need first of all greater luminous efficiency to achieve a payback within a reasonable and second time, for the case of luminaires for public use, we need to achieve a more appropriate radiation patterns. In the next two or three years, and developments to be truly competitive in this niche are expected, "he explains.

As we saw in the previous section, Brinon emphasizes "that the challenges that follow are basically the order of efficient replacement lighting mercury vapor high pressure and get LEDs monofocal of high efficiency, give the goniofotometrías suitable for applications us specific. Another challenge we have is to break the paradigms created with the first LEDs of very low efficiency, making many believe that the LEDs do not light, but the strength of the results will take care to prove otherwise. "

In the same vein, Daniel Tatini concludes that the main challenge would be mainly on the premises. "A good project has a proper sizing and layout, but the installation is always specified in each project. In the same way that suggest the implementation of a project, indicate experienced installers. It is not a difficult job, but it is the same electrical system with which we are accustomed. It is a mixture of electric and electronics. Everything is done carefully and should normally have no problems. The problem is that often we do not contemplate the appropriate value for that installation and, consequently, we do not do as we should. "


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