Evolution of the industry in the eyes of a professional


Yesid Guerra, technical director at Caracol Television, is recognized as one of the most important professionals in Colombia in this field thanks to his years of experience as it has witnessed and architect of major technological changes in the industry.

by Alejandra Garcia Velez

Papayas and sideburns neighbors used to pay when he started working as a technician in radio and television repair this equipment, today is one of the most recognized figures in Colombia in the field of television production. He is Yesid Guerra, technical director at Caracol Television.

His birthplace was the city of Barranquilla where 30 October 1950 was born, there he began his journey when he graduated as a Technical degree in Radio and Television in the Technical Industrial Institute Atlantic 1971 and subsequently receive from Electronic Engineering at the University Antioquia.

But, beyond his studies, his interest in knowing all the secrets of electronics emerged from childhood: "My parents had a shop where there was a Victrola, its mechanism of receiving the currency, select and place the disc for play seemed fascinating and each time the technician would repair it I spent all my time watching his side did, from there I think my interest in electronic emerged "he explains.

Also remember another time in his youth led him to follow this path. During those years, War skipping school to go swimming in the Magdalena river or lagoons what caused the loss of the school year, her father then decided to talk to a friend who had a repair of electronic equipment for you received as an assistant without pay. "I consider this decision of my father the foundation of my professional development. There charging him the toolkit technician, was where I learned to repair televisions, stereos, and radios. "

During his professional career he has gone through different organizations; recent graduate was linked as a professor at the Universidad Autonoma de Occidente in Cali 1981 SENA city of Cali decided to leave the slides, Super 8 and 14 mm which until then had been used in their audiovisual and decided to enter the era of video building the Centre National Audiovisual, there Guerra entered support Engineer.

He also worked in Cable Vision Cali, Telepacífico QAP News, TV 13 Ltda, RCN Television, Telecaribe and Caracol Television, where he serves as technical director since April 1 2002.

An evolving industry

The technological challenges to remain competitive in the market are great, says Guerra; on the one hand, because the permanence in the middle of a given technology is very short, also because of the high costs to be paid to import the technology and finally because you need to be absolutely sure that the selected team will solve the changing flows production processes and distribution.

Because of this, says the professional of the month, technical decisions, regularly lead to Engineering Committee composed of the chief engineers of each area where the pros and cons of each technology are discussed.

He also spoke of the process that is living with the CNTV (National Television Commission) against the arrival of DTT; "Through some workshops, in which we participate with other companies in the middle, we look a regulation that allows the better development of the industry especially with the arrival of DTT is done, God forbid that we achieve as this allow a TV with better technical quality, with more and better content. "

Another major challenge, highlights War, is the distribution of content across multiple platforms. "He Broadcast will not disappear, even in the medium term, but are undeniable high and rising rates of access to television by other means. I note with great satisfaction the internationalization of many companies in the medium and its diversification into the development of multiplatform content. "

His career is a testament to the evolution of television in Colombia, it has witnessed events that have changed the course of the industry in the country. When he began his work in television was still black and white, so he lived that transition to color and even during that time I teach workshops laboratories and institutes television and electronics.

Later, with the formation of regional channels participated in the assembly headquarters and transmission network Telepacífico channel is transmitted in the Colombian Pacific region; then led the assembly QAP news. He also joined RCN Television, when the channel was just beginning to participate as chief engineer news and finally reached Caracol Television to take charge of the technical direction and "directly involved throughout the design and assembly of this great infrastructure."

The challenge today is the TDT with the DVB-T standard, although Guerra says about that "we would like private channel to already step towards DVB-T2, which is the natural evolution of the approved standard, a decision that must be taken in the next days, it is clear that even this is in the hands of the CNTV and that the more we delay in taking this major decision will be the socio-economic impact. "

Finally, beyond the technical requirements of their work, Guerra stressed that "believe in respect and equality of people. In ongoing staff training, work and family welfare, for all this results in a team very strong, in a conservation talent and best service to third parties and our corporation in content development and service delivery production of the highest quality. "

He concluded, "I think that a fundamental objective of all companies in the middle, should be to develop creativity and innovation in their talent and move it successfully to its portfolio of products and services."


Aldo Sanchez Yovera
# Aldo Sanchez Yovera 12-01-2012 03: 44
Very motivating the emtrevista ... Gr ACIAS, it would be good to get the mail Eng. Guerra, for exchanging knowledge. in my 28 years I have so much to learn.
Duvan Chaverra
# Duvan Chaverra 12-01-2012 04: 11
Hello Aldo,

We will tell you Eng. Guerra interest in contact and give you a response timely.

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