A life dedicated to Canal 7

He lived the change from television to black and white to color images, and is today also witnessed the implementation of digital television; therefore, one can say that Cayetano Grossi is witness and protagonist of the audiovisual industry in Argentina from his role as Chief Technical Officer of Canal 7.

By Alejandra Garcia Velez

His first memory of the corridors of Canal 7, the one where today still works as Chief Technical Officer, he built when he was a child. Since five years he is exploring Cayetano Grossi and facilities that was the birthplace of television in Argentina and getting to know the industry that would mark his life.

7 Canal is a state television station and the first channel to broadcast in Argentina. His story began 17 51 October when they made the first transmission from the Plaza de Mayo by the Peronist Loyalty Day.

In 1955 aunt Grossi became the first host of the channel and since then, its future chief technical facilities would walk by knowing all the secrets of the industry. This experience that amazed what a child would be the basis to take him to train and engage in television production.

But as he himself says, the process to get where he is today was slow; He began his studies high school graduated as an electronics technician what later would be formed in Electromechanical Engineering at the University of Buenos Aires. To you enter the world of work in 1978, just as the images on the screen began to change from black and white to color.

Teaching has also since been an important factor in the life of this professional, who already 1975, even before graduating, he began to dabble in this field factor. Education has been a passion that has accompanied him throughout his life and remains essential for him today.

His main experience was traveling around the country visiting the near 40 air broadcast channels that existed then, to train their staff on the challenges brought the implementation of color television. He also has worked at universities such as the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina Catholic University and the University of Belgrano as a professor of engineering faculties.

Challenges of Yesterday and Today

As well as over 30 years ago was witness and protagonist of the evolution of television into a new format, with the change from black and white to color, today is also one of the leading figures of migration to digital terrestrial television.

His interest in this topic comes from 1997 began to dictate when several conferences on the subject. And do not hesitate to say that the main challenge facing the industry today is precisely update the audio and video technology into the digital evolution.

In that sense he says that "because Argentina is taking its first steps in the standard Japanese-Brazilian digital transmission, like most of South America, our task and providers is to ensure development according to what the community needs ".

Grossi recalled that Argentina was talk of digital television in 1997 when experts in the ATSC and DVB standards, which were those that existed at the time, visited the country and began to give lectures on the subject.

Although 1998 is adopted in the country ATSC, "too hastily" says the professional of the month; but after years without starting its implementation, 2009 consensual within the framework of Mercosur Argentina decides to make the the Brazilian-Japanese standard.

"Between 1997 and 2009 the issue of digital terrestrial television was very academic; only from the choice of the Brazilian standard a more serious technical work begins, "says Grossi. Indeed, in June 2010 the first official digital television transmission was performed using the new standard chosen, being the pioneer 7 Canal for the country in this format.

Beyond the challenge that today all countries of the continent faced with the arrival of DTT, Grossi noted that another major changes undergone television in the time it takes to work in the industry is that more and more computers are imported and domestic production tends to disappear, "the train of history is lost," says the interviewee.

Also it notes that "this is a very political country pending, so depending on the changes that live in that scenario may have an influence on the technological developments in the country".

He added that "my career goal at this stage of my life is to transfer my experience to younger. In my office in Canal 7 I try to exert teaching staff with whom he worked. "

The family

Although devoted to television can be grueling, with long hours that almost always include weekends and even holidays, the lives of the professionals in this industry can not be limited only to your work. In the case of Grossi, reading both literature and newspapers, it is one of the most enjoyed activities outside the workplace.

He says that likes to be informed about the current political and economic world. He also enjoys walking and generally maintain a healthy lifestyle. With his family, consisting of his wife and three children of 23, 21 7 years and enjoys traveling, especially because his wife is a specialist in this field.


pedro Narancio
# pedro Narancio 28-09-2011 06: 34
very good note, a big hug for for friend Cyetano from this side of Silver
pedro Narancio
# pedro Narancio 28-09-2011 06: 39
Cayetano Dear friend, I hope you continue on the road for long turning your experience into the digital reality.
Gustavo Semprini
# Gustavo Semprini 29-10-2011 08: 36
Deserved note to one of the great masters of Argentina TV.
amanda Demianiuk
# amanda Demianiuk 01-11-2011 07: 50
Dear I am proud of my husband. I congratulate you for your dedication and track record.
# Hermenegildo 23-11-2011 12: 02
Dear Cayetano, has always been soldiering, example of a licensed professional, such
teaching, writing technical base, professional outdoor example, example of that old defender Canal 7 Apes and Gervasi and this channel in ISDB-T .Adelante always sowing .A hug r.
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