FMC offers course on TriCaster

altInternational. Future Media Concepts, FMC, Began offering the course in management Newtek TriCaster, emphasizing the tools required for the production of live programs, broadcasting, work on a specific project or record a program.

The course It serves as preparation for the exam Newtek Operator Certificate, which serves producers and managers of the live to be recognized by the industry, as they will be included in the list published on the website of the company.

Jeff Rothberg, president and co-founder of the FMC, said that "this new advanced class on live video will give producers the opportunity to hone their skills and improve their marketing."

In addition, examination of TriCaster 850 is part of the program new operator NewTek TriCaster Certificate, which was roped last week from the training center FMC in Orlando, Florida, and live with five other branches of the FMC, using the TriCaster.

In the event, David Hibsher, responsible for the formation of Newtek software developers, said that his company is strengthening the training courses in FMC and other schools because of the interest generated among users who want to increase knowledge and skills with TriCaster.


# Jona 01-02-2012 06: 53
Where will this ???
Richard St.
# Richard St. 01-02-2012 07: 00
Hi Jona
These courses are taught at the headquarters of Future Media Concepts in the United States.
Mauricio Villa E
# Mauricio Villa E 01-02-2012 10: 29
When will these courses, where. And if there are courses online.
Richard St.
# Richard St. 01-02-2012 10: 35
hello Mauricio
The headquarters of Future Media Concepts are in the US and classroom courses are presented. For more information on programming courses we invite you to visit their website
Astrid Madrigal towers
# Astrid Madrigal towers 01-02-2012 16: 34
We have a TriCaster in Colombia how to do the refresher course?
juan francisco beltran.
# juan francisco beltran. 06-02-2012 11: 32
# MARTIN GALLEGO 13-02-2012 12: 27
I would also like to make that upgrade, a hug from Colombia.
Richard St.
# Richard St. 14-02-2012 11: 34
Hello Martin
Newtek informs us, the company that makes the TriCaster, which in its website you can find a video which explains in detail the certification process. To access the video in English go to the following link
Also, they inform us that at this time are advancing the translation of the video to Spanish and Portuguese, as well as seeking to make certification in Latin America.
Just we know more information we will inform.
# arif 22-07-2012 10: 22
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jefferson Gonzalez
# jefferson Gonzalez 11-08-2013 05: 01
hello right now I would like to update my job I work as a director of TV in a recent independent producer visit a short talk of the lateness of TriCaster really is quite extraordinary but in Venezuela where I can have workshops courses to help me estra in full knowledge of the program thanks
Richard St.
# Richard St. 12-08-2013 15: 55
Hello Jefferson

You can learn more about the TriCaster in Venezuela with your dealer. Here the data:

Representacione s Electronicas Hercasa - Factory Authorized Parts Distributor Street 8, 4 between street and 5.Edif. El Morro
Caracas, P: 58 (212) 2411590

Juan Urdaibay
# Juan Urdaibay 16-08-2013 15: 21
Hi, I have a TriCaster 450 extreme and I am looking courses in Mexico City. Mexico to have more knowledge of their use, can you tell me if there is any contact which can have the information, thanks in advance.
Gustavo Flamenco
# Gustavo Flamenco 15-03-2017 22: 16
Greetings: As I can empesar.los online courses
Quoting products and technical services for Latin America

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  • Greetings: As I can empesar.los online courses


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