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altThrough his company, Jorge Delgado has positioned itself in the television industry in Brazil taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the market, both as producer and rental of equipment for production.

Richard St. S.

There is nothing better to acquire a broad knowledge of how a company to go through as many positions in different areas works. And this experience becomes more important if we talk about a company from the television industry.

This is the case of the Brazilian Jorge Delgado, our Professional month invited for this edition, which has about 27 years dedicated to this industry. Today it has become a benchmark for the industry in his country through his own company, Camera2.

Jorge realized that his first job in the television industry was in the defunct TV Manchete Brazilian chain, which existed during 16 1983 and 1999 years between.

"I started working in television in 1985 on TV Manchete, chain in which I exercised operator functions ADO was a machine effects Ampex and editor, director and TV department calls, among many other functions carried out informally. In this chain I went through almost all areas of operations of a television station. "

Drawing on the experience
The experience gained in the chain Manchete TV and all steps of television production, was used by our Professional of the month to start their own business with two partners in the chain.

"When TV Manchete closed, I was in the market as a producer of videos along with two other people who also worked in production. Over time, as my two companions followed more closely related to production areas, I became interested more the technical area, "he said.

Over the years, Jorge Delgado has been specializing every day to support its customers in the areas of editing, finishing and very focused on the part of technology.

"The search for technical information that would allow us to be always up to date, it piqued my interest in new trends in the technological area and by destination and market needs, just start investing in equipment leasing," he said.

Has your company for both video production and for equipment rental service, was designed with different services and attention to the market. To achieve a number of questions were asked:

What would be the best accessories? Why not come with the machine directly to set recording? Why not know what kind of recording happen to suggest technological solutions that meet the needs of customers? Why not accompany the editing and finishing for further criticism and new suggestions for further recordings?

Future plans
The questions previously raised are valid and make Camera2 have other opportunities for growth in the coming years. Respect, he said that "all these issues are being implemented and therefore the number of customers every day is greater. In the future the company could absorb new responsibilities such as training and technical team operating in conjunction with the equipment requested. "

Growth has also led to are dabbling in new services. Now they are in the area of ​​transmission and reception of events through mobile units integrated UpLink. With these continue to seek to offer differentiated service because very few companies in Brazil with hybrid cars, ie the production and transmission simultaneously.

Professional concludes our month that "this is the area we have concentrated our efforts, but without neglecting what we took to be one of the largest companies in the Broadcasting industry in Brazil. I say this because we are not the biggest holiday light, but we have a lot of light materials; We are not the biggest of transmission, but we already have two cars and two transmission production. In the case of ENG cameras, and you can not say that we are not the biggest, because maybe we are. "

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