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altRecognizing the value of recovering the images of the past in the digital age of television, Canal 7 Argentina implemented a working system that restores and adapts the old videos to preserve and transmit them to the realities of today.

Blackmagic Desing

Transfer archived material can be a lengthy and potentially expensive process. So when software designers XV-Tech, based in Buenos Aires, offered the Argentina television provider, Public TV Channel 7, efficient and cost effective solution, the station soon seized the opportunity. This solution is based on the use of hardware products from Blackmagic Design and SQUID software LoopRecorders.

"We were the first TV station established in Argentina, we have been in operation since 1951, focused on providing, informative, educational programming public health and entertainment material. After transmitting for over 60 years we have accumulated an extensive library of programming. This is very important for us, especially the historical content of journalism, films and documentaries dating from the mid-twentieth century, "explains Maximilian Tocco, manager of Digital Content for the 7 Canal.

The specific area of ​​work Tocco includes digital preservation of audiovisual material and the design and development of tapeless workflows in broadcast environments. Therefore it is well qualified to evaluate the effectiveness of a system for archiving content.

The 7 Canal, which operates seven studies from its headquarters in Buenos Aires, distributes its programming through analog and digital terrestrial signals, satellite and by cable. Also it broadcast on the internet and has its own channel on YouTube.

"We are already transmitting much of our material in high definition HD. So we are transferring material from movie film has to be suitable for transmission in HD, and content for the YouTube channel must also be in this format. "

Ariel Mindiuk, president of XV-Tech continues the story. "In fact, the product package presented to Public TV offered him two solutions; both included our Squid LoopRecorders with Blackmagic Design products for procurement processes. In addition to transferring the file to a video format also it provides the means to digitize part of their signals in the air, so you can categorize them and codifying them for their own YouTube channel ".

The transfer film
For the archiving process, the Squid HD LoopRecorder was used with video and audio signals transferred to a digital medium using Blackmagic Design DeckLink HD Extreme 3D.

This includes SDI, HDMI 3D packaging frames and analog component, and analog audio and AES / EBU. This facilitates capture and playback from almost all video equipment and audio. Alternating between standard definition and high definition SD HD, and incorporates an SDI 3 Gb / second, RGB formats 4: 2: 2 and 4: 4: 4, 12 native bit and frame rate up 1080p60. Other aspects include ascending or descending cross conversion, and an internal mask generator, or keyer, SD / HD.

Once the material has been captured, Squid software MediaStorage + Archiving is used to adjust and catalog files, allowing each clip is saved with an appropriate title and a recognizable description of its contents.
Then workbenches are used with Blackmagic Design DeckLink Studio and modules Squid Pro MediaManager are used to search and browse the files needed for future use.

"The entire installation process was achieved quickly. The implementation of the elements of Blackmagic Design and Squid required just four or five days. The installed system allows Public TV generate tapes for linear or open type LTO "offline" says Mindiuk.

Integrating Blackmagic DeckLink line to the different modules, produces the required for audio input and output, and analog and digital video with SD and HD signals like interface.

"Our relationship with Blackmagic Design started immediately after installing DeckLink solutions. Blackmagic hardware used to develop our own solutions. Indeed, it has opened a new door, because it also functions as an image buffer. Now we can mix MB2, SD, HD, IMX, VCPro and more in a single timeline formats, "says Mindiuk.

To this solution Public TV, the integration of Blackmagic Design Squid with supplies, a well affordable, high-quality connectivity between sources and digitizing systems to HD SDI.

Work for the Internet
The other Public TV project, whose combination of Blackmagic Design and Squid established an effective solution relates to the station channel on YouTube. The Public TV channel in Youtube Argentina is one of the portals leading television Lationamérica demand and its mission is to provide air content delayed both residents and non-resident citizens in Argentina.

"We grasp the original material transmitter and send it to your YouTube channel. This solution creates a good workflow for the acquisition of material, and also the catalogs and codes to add to its own channel on the Internet, "says Mindiuk.

When you are considering the workflow for a specific project, you must first assess the technical needs of the customer, and each module is integrated Squid Blackmagic hardware in a special way for each purpose.

"LoopRecorder systems and Asrun equipped with DeckLink Studio hardware are used in most processes related to digitizing signals using Public TV for your content on YouTube," says Mindiuk. The SQUID Asrun includes a server that continuously record up to two signals in WMV format. Selected segments may be exported to WMV, DV25 or MPEG2 IBP, to use outside the system.

The Blackmagic DeckLink Studio is a 2 of SD / HD video with SDI, HDMI and analog connections that allow unobstructed movement between SD and HD streams work. It includes its own hardware downconversion and inputs and outputs for four channels of analog audio, and two channels of AES / EBU digital audio.

It also includes a sample rate converter on input AES / EBU for connecting all types of audio with synchronized or unsynchronized sources. DeckLink Studio also has 8 SDI audio channels hosted, perfect for editing rooms Public TV powered Media Composer and NewsCutter 6.

Mindiuk emphasizes that since these two projects were completed using Blackmagic Design solutions and Squid, any interruption has occurred in the workflow.

President XV-Tech concludes that "one of the main features of Squid solutions is to generate new workflows. We are not only a system of acquisition or transfer. We are a set of tools that offers a solution from start to finish. Together, Squid and Blackmagic Design, as technology partners have the ability to provide a technology solution to a very high level. "


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