Experience behind and in front the cameras

alt30 years of experience in the industry, from various facets, have turned Alessio Gronchi in an outstanding professional with extensive knowledge on live television time in Latin America. Share with us some of his experiences.

Richard St. S.

Have experience in front of cameras as presenter behind them in the areas of creativity, production and engineering, and now as a supplier of equipment and systems, is an experience that few people, as Alessio Gronchi, can count.

Although Italian by birth, our Professional guest for this edition month is a worthy representative of television Panama, a country which came to 14 years with his family and where he soon end up linking to the media and devoting himself after only this exciting industry.

He said the linkage to the media gave his 16 years, when he began working as an operator cabin in the radio station "Stereorey" and a year later as a broadcaster on "Radio Diez", both in the City of Panama.

"I entered the world of television in December 1983 as host of a weekly music video in TVN, Canal 2. This channel also spans several technical positions, passing cameraman, editor, up to head of production and programming 1989 "he said.

This degree in Social Communication at the Universidad Santa Maria La Antigua of Panama, took advantage of the experience and 1989, along with two friends Unviersidad, founded the company DataServe SA, which initially was dedicated to computer programming and soon he became a distributor and representative of hardware and software solutions for the television market.

What you see coming
30 years devoted to television in its different facets are meritorious for Alessio Gronchi can speak with authority about the time living industry, which ensures the greatest living period of change in its history.

Proletarianization highlighted technology as the most important developments that have taken the television industry in the years that has been linked to it. He argued that 25 years ago have a video producer was a business of millions of dollars in investment. But now new technologies have allowed amass technological, allowing many people enter the business would not have had access to him only two decades ago.

"The possibility of bringing content to the receiver no matter where you are through non-traditional media such as mobile devices, the focus" multiscreen "they are taking all the traditional media and the attempt of the owners of the content take shape it directly to the audience, will cause a shift of many paradigms of our business in the coming years, "he said.

What comes, Alessio Gronchi added that increasingly will no longer be relevant frequencies and transmitters of radio and television and the investment will focus on various platforms of wireless data to take wide significant user band no matter where you are, so you may have access to audiovisual content and with assured quality of service.

"In our country and in the rest of Latin America the market has been growing steadily in recent years despite the political challenges that have faced some major countries of the region. This has been motivated by different adoption by the industry has had to go as they have been the digitization of plants, high definition and now the digital transmission of video and audio signals, among others. "

The challenges of everyday life
The workday of the month our Professional starts at 8: 30 am and ends before evening comes, it is clear that his personal activities also require time. Also, having a set schedule allows it DataServe administrative structure, which is decentralized, and so spends most of his time in keeping in touch with customers.

Several challenges Alessio Gronchi said for a manager of a company related to the television industry. The first is to stay in tune with how are evolving customers and where your business is going, "to align our resources and knowledge to obtain tools that facilitate this transition and enable new businesses that arise every day following the change paradigm that is experiencing the industry. "

The second challenge is getting, train and retain talent for performance excellence, as high demand for qualified personnel and limited local availability of human resources forces them to maintain a competitive wage level in order to retain what they consider their greatest asset, his collaborators.

The third challenge is to enhance the brand and enhance our own content, because, he said, the time rebroadcast a packaged product by big producers will end up as each producer will find a way to reach their audience directly in the most of the cases.

"The key to survival for TV channels will be the only possibility to locate its contents or, in other cases, universalizarlos to be exported outside the borders of the country in which they operate. We see why the growing investment of all players in enhancing their brands and raising as their own content, "he added.

Family and Solidarity
Alessio Gronchi was born in Pontedera, a town in Tuscany in Italy. And despite having left there many years ago, he does not forget his homeland, as he said it is one of his favorite to rest and relax, enjoying the simple landscapes and the Tuscan countryside locations.

"My favorite pastimes are related to outdoor activities, especially beaches; I exercise regularly and practicing crossfit running. I travel as often as you can because in the competitive world of today is critical given relaxation spaces that are never complete if you do not leave your city or your country. "

Solidarity also part of his life. 10 years ago is a member of the Rotary Club Panama Northeast and now until June, serves as President of the Club. A variety of activities from there made, some shared with his family, consisting of his wife and two daughters, Isabella and Monica, 20 and 18 of years respectively.

"The works of aid to the neediest I undertake as part of this civic club and include, among others, projects pure water to needy communities, medical and dental tours, logistical support in case of natural disasters, help me stay on touch with reality and do not forget the importance of sharing and giving back to the less fortunate part of what I have harvest by my professional endeavors. "

Besides keep informed about issues affecting the industry, is also interested in other topics, such as politics and economics. "Although it is not in my plans to carry out activities in these fields, I read many works that deal with these issues."

And although there are many anecdotes in their working lives, as when several times during his career said he knew how to solve the customer's problem without having the foggiest idea how to do, which are particularly cherishes his personal life.

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