3 antenna automates graphics

altThe Spanish chain has automated processes within their air graphics Continuity and promotions with the company Vizrt system.

Ignacio Fossati

3 antenna is a group of leading Spanish communication in the audiovisual business that has eight television channels with national coverage that control more than 42% of the advertising market. Recently, the company has redesigned its corporate image with a new system Vizrt branding channel that has revolutionized the way we do promotions and graphics in Spain.

It all started when the chain was proposed to release a new image to include the redesign of all promotional visual elements that appear during the television broadcast. "We had to launch a corporate creativity in highly innovative issue for which we needed to solve some technical limitations of the hand of a new system dechannel branding that besides offering an improvement in creativity we also allow improved workflows," recalls José María Casaos, technical director of Antena 3.

The fundamental requirements of Antena 3 passed by having a system that seamlessly integrate with Harris ADC automation tool-100 and have a common centralized repository that allows sharing and managing graphics from the different departments of the chain.

After studying the options market, Antena 3 was decided by Vizrt solutions. 3 antenna solution includes seven stations Viz Multichannel channel branding to advertise in multiple channels fully automated; eleven rendering engines Viz Engine HD; graphics centralized repository Viz Graphic Hub redundant; a component programming template-based graphic creations in real time; and Viz Artist design software and animation 3D in real time.

The installation has been done in the record time of two months by the Spanish office Vizrt, the engineering company broadcast and multimedia Unitecnic and the Department of Engineering and Antenna Systems 3.

Following the recent merger between Antena 3 and Sixth, the system channel branding Vizrt has also fully integrated all four channels of Sixth (laSexta, Xplora, laSexta3 and laSexta HD) that have moved their continuities the broadcast center 3 antenna in Madrid.

'Channel branding' controlled marketing
One of the main innovations of the system is that it allows complete control of the channel branding solution for the marketing department. "The interesting thing Antena 3 is that with this system, all control and all content generation has it marketing, and only then will master control," says Paul Smith, regional director of Vizrt for Spain, France and Portugal. "I mean we're not talking about a simple solution that generates labels on the screen, but is a tool that allows the marketing area communicate with the audience and decide when, where and how promotions and graphics are inserted," adds .

José María Casaos reinforces this concept: "Now, the departments of marketing, promotions, corporate image and even commercial or multimedia can pautar with total simplicity and from their own jobs thousands of promotions, graphics and creative, something that was impossible to do before, which has opened up a new world of possibilities for promotion and creativity. "

In that sense, the integration of plug-in programming Vizrt in the traffic department chain plays a key role, and has been one of the great innovations of the system. "When you are creating the rundowns in the traffic department, can be displayed in real time the contents to be issued through the plug-in," says David Vivas, technical director of Unitecnic in Madrid.

Another of the strengths of the system is the Viz Graphic Hub centralized repository that allows the graphic content of all channels is commonplace and can be managed and controlled from different areas of the group. "This is a content management system created specifically for graphics that gives you the ability to see all the graphics you have on your system and automate the processes of emission and debugging of those graphics," says David Vivas.

José María Casaos recalls that in the past each of the chains of the group had its own repository of graphics, which required more staff to load various graphics, while slowing the workflow. "Now, all strings pull the same common synchronized repository graphical content, with which the different areas involved, such as design, marketing or issue, can work with graphics from their own jobs without having to travel to continuity. This allows very important savings and considerable resources in improving process efficiency, "says technical director of Antena 3.

Integration with continuity
Viz Multichannel integration with chain automation is another key element of the solution Vizrt. The system allows a parallel escaleta graphics events which runs synchronously to the emission escaleta Harris and automatizándose whole process of inserting logos and graphics. This exchange of playlists between automation and graphics system makes any change in emission escaleta also involves a change in the graphic layer.

"The integration of Viz Multichannel with Harris makes it a virtually automatic system from creation to the issue, allowing us to have a much greater control over the entire graphic layer of the issue and offering the ability to perform actions that were unthinkable before, as for example change in real time a graphic image in all chains with a single click, "says Rene April, project engineer Unitecnic.

David Vivas also noted that the whole system runs on standard IT platforms: "This is a very open platform without proprietary hardware that attach to the end user, which is one of the big differences that mark Vizrt over other manufacturers."

The truth is that the whole system has allowed Vizrt 3 Antenna significantly increase creativity branding of the house. "The creative abilities tools Vizrt have made us the most innovative Spanish chain from a visual point of view, always complying with the regulation and simultaneously face the graphic image of our channels by changing" says José María Casaos.

In fact, with the new solution for channel branding Antenna 3, the number of insertions of graphics has grown 15 more than 200 per day on each channel, with the same team of content editors and graphic designers as above system.

Engineering, development and innovation
The technical director of Antena 3 also highlights the work of engineering and systems that have claimed the entire project: "Throughout the installation process has been development work and integration in the highly innovative continuity has also been an innovation in Vizrt own solutions, and here have had much to see the department of Engineering and Antenna Systems 3, I3 TV and Unitecnic ".

In that sense, David Vivas said that "have been implemented in the system many specific requirements Antena 3 to meet the needs of the chain, which meant it was a project of a very high demand both technically and commissioning March".

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