altDedicating his professional life to the unions, he has allowed him to review Julian Cardona candidly about issues of national interest in telecommunications, but always based on studies and previous research.

Richard St.

If any opinion is taken into account by the government of Colombia for decision-making on television, it is the concepts that emits the Colombian Association of Ingeneros, Aciem, and Telecommunications Commission. And in the ten years of work of the Commission, one of the protagonists was Julian Cardona.

This electronic engineer, specializing in telecommunications and who serves as chairman of Aciem since 2001, he has devoted his professional life working in telecommunications, with extensive experience in private enterprise, since only he worked as a civil servant in the first four years professional fresh out of college in a company in the sector.

Account Julian Cardona the years engaged in union activity have been gratifying, since Aciem is an association that has nothing to do with commercial aspects, but with public policy aspects of each of the areas of engineering which are linked.

So one of the main challenges of your job is to keep up because technology keeps changing and he as a leader of an association of engineers as an advisory body of the Colombian government, should be aware of what happens in each of the nine different areas of work which has Aciem.

Concern DTT
Although his professional focus has been in telecommunications, his particular interest in television came with the beginning of the discussion of digital TV standard to be adopted by Colombia, ending the last century.

Remember that this process required a lot of work because they investigated and learned in detail each of the models of digital television in order to issue the most successful concept possible. Even that process needed to travel to countries manufacturers of American, European, Japanese, Brazilian and Chinese models.

Recognizing the importance for developing television this stage, it was well as the Telecommunications Commission Aciem in 2003 was created, creating a space to discuss the technologies required for scanning, greater channeling sending multichannel spectrum efficiency, signal quality, high definition, 3D., among others.

Said President of Aciem that since its inception it has been a committee composed of experts from industry experts, representing different segments and which he has been part since its inception.

The knowledge gained in investigations guild and its nascent Commission allowed the Aciem recommendation that the European digital TV model adopted, was welcomed by the Colombian government and the then National Television Commission. Even though Colombia is the only country in South America to have the European model.

He recalled that it was the association that represents the first institution that showed the country the Digital Terrestrial Television, which has until now followed very closely the whole process, supporting moments like when they decided to change by the second version of the European model, after three years of I made the decision.

Therefore, he did not hide his concern when talking about the slow progress implementing digital television in Colombia and even doubted that it can meet the goal of digital switchover, set for the year 2019.

He noted the lack of policy as one of the reasons why the process will slow pace will. In the technical aspects of infrastructure such as network deployment, acquisition of equipment and migration frequencies public network lag behind from the initial plan.

Julian Cardona compared the process of private television operators, who have already installed part of their networks and equipment, while the public television network the tender was declared decierta in December 2012 and barely won at the beginning of July this year.

And meanwhile, is the Colombian population that is affected due to the uncertainty generated by the process, not counting the costs of investments that have been made for the promotion of digital television and the sale of receivers required. And he reiterated the call for the schedule is published and the process be speeded up.

Between training and family
He said our Professional of the month for this edition as good Quindio, approaches the free time left to enjoy with your family and to visit his homeland with his wife and daughters. Travel and reading are also some of his hobbies.

But, he said, the union activity is little free time that leaves you, because I joined their work days do not have a fixed schedule due to the constant meetings with partners, government representatives and media, must be in constant training various engineering topics, often no matter whether at night or on weekends.

And her experience in the union world is not only in Aciem. His tour of the unions has led organizations like the Colombian Chamber of Information and Telecommunications and Cintel, among others. In addition, he was president of the chapter Aciem Cundinamarca.

Julian Cardona continue as national president of Aciem to 2015, 12 thousand representing the associated engineers and about 150 representatives of the nine commissions available to the guild. But above all, issuing technical concepts without fear of hurting suseptibilidades.

Richard St.
Author: Richard St.
Journalist from the University of Antioquia (2010), with experience in technology and economics. Editor of the magazines TVyVideo + Radio and AVI Latin America. Academic Coordinator of TecnoTelevisión & Radio.



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