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MontecarloCreative for Transmedia sessions, event that took place a few weeks ago in Colombia, we could talk to Monte Carlo, a Spanish that has been spent researching the concept of transmedia and its focus on film and TV.

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With the advent of digital television, the massification of internet, social networks and new ways of consuming television, began to talk about a concept that everyone not easily understood, but gradually has been implemented: transmedia.

This is an issue that has come out of the books and academia to become a reality in audiovisual projects. These channels in Europe, Australia and Canada, you can see very interesting projects that have to do with transmedia content. In Latin America there are several experiences.

But what is the transmedia and how this concept applies on TV? To understand this issue extensively, we speak with Monte Carlos Salvador, or Monetcarlo, as he likes to be called. He is a graduate in Fine Arts and an MBA in Film and TV, who has devoted the last years of his life to develop transmedia projects and investigate the subject from the Spanish Academy.

Has started his career as a cartoonist, but his interest in exploring new narrative currents led him to investigate new issues from their own company, Chemistry Visual, including filmmaking, narrative structures, scriptwriting, storyboarding, motion graphics, animation, illustration, new media, fiction and, of course, transmedia. Currently she completing her doctoral thesis on narrative structures.

TV and Video: What is transmedia?
Montecarlo: Transmedia in story that spans different platforms, by different means, and fragmented. The peculiarity is that each fragment of that great story makes sense by itself. The viewer or user who approaches all of them will conclude that the whole is more than the sum of the parts.

TV and Video: How transmedia focuses on television?
Montecarlo: The transmedia is a process rather than a concrete things. It is diffuse enough to fit different models. In the case of television, there has been a change in consumption habits. Previously, competing TV pie with certain media and now there is much more supply through many more channels and is also much more fragmented. It is no longer a problem of how to put my advertising, is that users have become accustomed to consume differently, have other habits. Cultural or media ecosystem has changed and so have all changed.

TV and Video: sector companies have adopted the transmedia?
Montecarlo: A television, for the money that moves and structures, it costs a little change or going to drag. We live in a world where things are going at different speeds. In many programs, many directors, many channels have not understood what is going on, have been afraid, or just simply do not understand. And there on the one hand a brake, copy or imitation meaningless, as seen with the obsession to introduce Twitter, that all programs have to have it and enter the messages on the screen, in what is known as a second screen.

TV and Video: Link to social networks in transmedia programs?
Montecarlo: That depends on the definition of transmedia that we focus. There are people who think that they must have at least three means or the user co-participation element is fundamental. Enter Twitter on TV is natural because viewers were discussing what they saw through social networks. What they did was enter chains conversation, part of it or just show a conversation about the work being presented.

TV and Video: So how should be the transmedia TV?
Montecarlo: I do not think about transmedia TV as if he had gone a third leg. With the digitization of the media came certain changes that we are not yet aware. Follow the same language as we had before, but now does not necessarily require a broadcast that was who took an image and transmitted through an antenna and the houses had receivers that received.

Today not that broadcast is needed. They can be two guys from home with a computer and an Internet connection to transmit via IP. The big broadcast now becomes a computer that can be in the kitchen of a house, obviously it requires more people doing production. The digital signal but does not transmit an image data. But language remains the same, although the technology that runs underneath is different.

TV and Video: Are there examples of transmedia TV content made?
Montecarlo: In the concept of transmedia TV series and programs there since its inception has been thought to have support from other media. Although the piece will remain a TV picture.

There have been many attempts, but the first well done, although it is poorly documented, was on Swedish television on the disappearance of a girl. He is purporting to be a documentary in which he was asked followers to seek in real life this character. What he did was make people stop of his chair and out into the street. There is another that is a series for teens called Skins, which was sold to several countries. In the case of Australia, they managed to do a great job of transmedia.

TV and video: But specifically, what did this series to be a transmedia content?
Montecarlo: In Skins Australia did a great job on social networks, telling them what happened to each of the characters. This part of the idea that the user enters Internet in relation to a narrative universe, is attracted by the story and want to know more. With conventional television there was more material to consume until the issuance of another chapter. Today you can learn more about the characters with their profiles on social networks, artificial prolonging their lives, making an expansion of the story.

Not everything that counts in the networks must appear in the series and the reactions themselves may cause changes in the series. It might even happen that social networking is a discussion between these fictional characters and appear in the next episode angered by that argument.

TV and Video: What other examples can we see?
Montecarlo: Skins is an example of a job very well done applying the concepts of transmedia. But he's not the only one. In Europe, several television stations joined forces to work on a project on a forger thief paintings throwing viewers beyond the screen, which allows them to find more content series in museums for which the character has passed and also in internet, making your audience in a multinational audience.

TV and Video: Could you mention some companies or countries that are developing important work in transmedia TV?
Montecarlo: In Europe the Franco German chain is called Art, which participates in French film institute. They from the beginning have worked very interactive documentary format: the traditional broadcast on television, sometimes they put online, and allow interaction. In Canada there are also other examples.

TV and Video: The transmedia content could grow with digital TV?
Montecarlo: Great ghost of TV executives has been the subject technology. In his defense they said that audiences remain high. But it is also true that audiences are aging and have not renewed, that scenario is terrible because 20 years would be dead. They have realized that it will not be because they have new ways to attract digital natives

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