Or triax fiber question of distances

Use triax for being easy to repair or fiber optics to gain greater distances and quality are the decisions they must make the channels when choosing the transmission model to studio cameras.

By Richard St.

Like all equipment and systems for television studio cameras rapidly advancing technology. Even manufacturers have created new business models for these cameras easier to use for each particular project and directly affecting the price for the end user.

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But one of the points that generates discussion on the development of these cameras, has to do with the way of transmitting the video captured the Masters. Traditionally it has done through a copper wire. But are now several companies are working on boosting other technologies such as optical fiber or other like triax with own modifications, in the case of Grass Valley.

One of the manufacturers who want to expand the use of fiber optics to transmit the signal is Panasonic. Said Charles Black, Senior Supervisor Panasonic Broadcast Systems Latin America, which for two years the company has been working to explain to their clients why it is better to use the fiber. And this year that work will intensify.

Long distances quality
Although transmission technology via optical fiber is fully developed, there is still resistance to wear it because in some countries, in which no tiener ensure good access to the equipment needed to repair the cable. This situation occurs mainly in small medium channels or have the belief that repairing an optical fiber is problematic and represents some technological barriers that require specialized equipment for this purpose. Therefore, some media are forced to use transmission over copper.

"You have to explain to the channels and producers things like Full HD is given in 1920 by 1080 and this usually uses a package of 1,5 gigas. The problem is that the only way to transmit 1,5 gigas without changing its structure is through fiber optics, it makes it more transparent and with fewer losses than those generated when Full HD is transmitted through a copper cable. The chances of maintaining high quality are greater with fiber optics, "said Carlos Black.

Today the great channels in Latin America have used optical fiber and how to fix it. No clutch, there is still resistance in the smaller to buy the technology to repair the fiber optic channels. "Panasonic has some ideas of how to solve this resistance to change to allow greater ownership of this technology and will be announced during the next NAB in April," said Charles Black.

Ease of repair
The easiest option to use for medium and small companies is the Triax, thanks to the copper wire on which is supported provides facility to be repaired in the field. But it is known that when used over long distances or Full HD, starts to present problems that end up affecting the quality of the image.

Therefore, the company developed a triax Grass Valley technology that solves more problems away. Jorge Dighero, Grass Valley Latin America, said that the changes made by them using a triax allows a distance of up to eight times larger than a normal system.

"The triax Grass Valley can offer a distance up to eight times higher than normal Triax and maintaining a high quality of the image transmitted. The advantage of the optical fiber is that in the case of cable damage can be repaired in 15 minutes, while the second is a bit more complicated, it requires more work and more time, "he said.

But Jorge Dighero recognizes that "fiber technology is absolutely developed and is growing acceptance because the development of the cables has improved exponentially. A fiber cable does things today that five years ago were unthinkable. The problem was the fear that something with the cable pass, but the technology today allows to double, to pressure and blows to the cables, situations before the break. In technology there are also ways repair welding new that make it much easier. "

To the question whether to use fiber instead of triax, the two experts agreed answer basically is a matter of distances that ends up affecting the final image quality. Carlos Black also mentioned that "The triax begins to present difficulties for some distance when transmitting in Full HD. It also provides a considerable number of deficiencies that affect image quality in Full HD. "

New forms of business
Grass Valley company specializes in studio cameras and sports broadcasting. And through his line LDX has developed a different model of investment for customers by licensing concept. It works like this: the customer can purchase a camera with basic and according to the needs of each production functions, can acquire licenses to add additional functionality.

This licensing occurs in two ways: partial or complete. The first is a set time a week or a month, while the other if it was a permanent license. It is important for companies because the basic cameras have a cheaper cost and is a good choice for those who make camera rental and even for producing same.

waiting NAB
The characteristics of the cameras for studios Panasonic and Grass Valley are known in the market. Carlos Black said in this segment Panasonic came late compared to competitors. But today has two cameras references that meet all the needs of a studio production.

For his part, Jorge Dighero stressed that studio cameras representing the company have a high level of acceptance thanks to the sensor, how to process the distances with triax, XCU to remove easily. In fact, he added, a recognized channel of transmission of sports recently acquired 50 cameras for their new studies.

The two companies promised that there will be many new features in the upcoming NAB in studio cameras, both in their technologies and in the 4K theme. We will be attentive to your presentations.


# ALEXANDER EDGAR URIBE 21-10-2015 13: 58
Good comments of this article regarding triax and fiber, but consider the cost and benefits of fiber camera, dust or dirt, water etc. and the sensitivity of the connector, the heating section converting electrical signals to optical located in the camera, it seems that the fiber or triax or media should not affect the quality, Greetings
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