Switchers facilitating work

Each team has particular features that identify the brand. The newest work today allow 4K.

By Richard St.

The live television production requires perfect coordination between all those involved in generating the content so that the viewer can enjoy the program without interruptions. Part of the control is achieved thanks to switchers.

In these systems, manufacturers have spent good time in research and development, generating products that provide support in these times of technological transition, as are the signals SD, HD, and even 4K. The best thing for producers is that more and more lower cost.

For this edition we have a comparison of production switchers five manufacturers, Sony, Panasonic, Grass Valley, and Blackmagic For A, which have evolved their teams up to products such as those offered today.

AV-HS6000, Panasonic
The AV-HS6000 mixer is a new direct broadcast area, rooms designed for carrying and mobile units. It is the first model in the range 2 ME of mixers HS of Panasonic.

The main unit has 32 2 SDI and DVI inputs, plus 16 SDI outputs, while four DVE per bank allow multiple transitions ME creative productions that require high work rate. The mixer offers four multi-configurable outputs independently, with a maximum of 16 windows per channel.

It also has a nonvolatile memory for storing video clips, which can be expanded to accommodate optionally 81 30 clips seconds each. It has an intuitive layout of buttons, complete with 10,1 inch touch panel, which also display the menu also allows you to display a multiscreen output.

Among its main features highlights that incorporates color correctors eight inputs and four outputs; converters rise in four innings and converters down into two outputs; equipped with four and two DVE DVE (2D) for ME to process bank funds and keys; auxiliary buses (AUX1 to AUX4) with possibility of mixing (MIX).

It also has a high-quality chroma key real-time, based on the Primatte algorithm. By default, it incorporates a channel CK, optionally expandable to four; four keyer by bank ME (total of eight channels), with capacity for PiP. Offers four independent multiscreen outputs, each can display up to 16 multiscreen video sources.

MVS-8000X, Sony
The mixer high-end system with 3G Sony offers plenty of production capacity, combined with significant improvements in performance and flexibility, compared to previous generations.

This system is equipped with four or eight keyers for each ME buses (depending on configuration). They offer options to create layers in the ME bus. Most of these keyers also include a feature that allows you to manipulate resize graphics (size, position and rotation).

They also provide multiviewer outputs direct from the chassis of the main processor. This reduces the need to invest in external multiviewers. Each output can be adjusted to multiviewer operation 10 4 or divisions; the corresponding signals are sent to each independent panel.

Each of the buses ME MVS system can be configured to operate in multi-program mode. This feature offers four independent program outputs in each ME. Each output can be configured standalone program with any combination of ME keyers.

To support the current demand programming 3D, the MVS-8000X can operate in 3D mode. The signals of the left and right eye video in 3D can be combined into a single 3G link or stay as signals 1,5 G (Dual Link) independent.

HVS-5000, FOR A
The manufacturer HVS-5000 FOR-A series is a digital switching system 3G video production, offering simple operations and allows to seamlessly switch between the signals of HD and SD formats. With optional converter card installed, the system can support mixed input of HD and SD devices. With the switch alone, you can perform mixed processing without concern for the differences between HD and SD signals.

Supports signals E / S multiple reference. two input channels (with loop-through) and two output channels are provided. Add a HVS-5GL optional expansion to four channels each for input and output. The manufacturer points out that one of the particular features of the HVS-5000 is the VTR tracking function. It allows automatic adjustment of keyframes.

It incorporates four-channel keyers for each ME as a standard feature. 2D DVE and chroma key are standard on all handlers. It allows the inclusion of screen text and subtitles for each auxiliary channel. If handlers four channels in each ME are not enough, the DSKs can be used to switch to a configuration of four starters and two handlers handlers, useful for live coverage or special events.

Shop incorporates eight channels. You may be added one unit HVS-5SS optional expansion up 16 channels. In the multiple ME, a different format can be selected for each ME. Moreover, each ME may be controlled independently of the others. Real DVE 3D: real-time rendering of images of mapping for ways 3D that provides complete processing 3D for DVE.

Color correction functions can be added. When choosing between three modes, versatile color adjustment is possible. This unit also offers gamma adjustment, the level of video processing, and clip features RGB and YPBPR video, an option that allows color correction separately for each bus.

Atem, Blackmagic
Designed to create productions multi-camera live, the Atem system Blackmagic switches between SD, HD or Ultra HD, allowing a live production with a wide range of video sources such as cameras, disc recorders and slide shows or computer animation .

Among its powerful features stand out chroma key, transitions creative, media group, keyers, audio mixer, multiple views. The more advanced models include features such as up to 20 SDI inputs, multi-layer SuperSource engine, DVE, full-motion transitions, largest media group with full-motion clips and up to six auxiliary outputs.

It features a machined aluminum front panel with dedicated buttons to switch the auxiliary outputs. You can use the built in video screen to monitor the auxiliary outputs or technical supervision to help during installation. They have a wide range of control options. For demanding live production environments can add a panel or 1 2 ME ME.

It includes advanced 6G-SDI inputs and HDMI 4K that are SD, HD or Ultra HD switchable so you can connect to virtually anything. Built in Multi View lets you control switch video inputs on a single SDI or regular HDMI monitor. Multiple outputs HD view 1080i regularly, so you can still use a standard TV for independent monitoring of the format.

Atem includes a wide range of transitions in real-time high quality are available at all resolutions. Each transition is immediately available and the total control of the transition type, pattern, length and other attributes is obtained.

Kayenne, Grass Valley
Kayenne is a software platform scalable video production that improved workflows for ease of use. It is designed for environments that independent workers are employed. It has the ability to be configured with full support 3G 1080p and HD.

When necessary, this switch can be adapted to provide 1080p up 192 inputs, outputs 96, and up to nine ME six manipulators each ME. The FlexiKey feature allows a single switch settings separately for each program output ME.

Each ME has six keyers with standard coding modes including chromakey, two stores frame by manipulator, and ME handlers can use the floating IDPM system. The optional DoubleTake (ME division mode) increases the number of ME.

DPM allows 2D (resize) in each ME, with pairs of DPM 6 2D by ME so that IDPMS can be used for more complex digital effects. ME driver has a full complement six keyers with chromakey and DPM 2D.

Grass Valley system is equipped with Image Store integrated capable of delivering up 1.800 30 seconds still images or video 1080p to 10 video outputs. macros with new ways to remember 999 macros from the panel.

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