The new processing model file-based workflow transforms resynchronization of multimedia content.
By Craig Newbury *
For many post-production facilities, media resynchronization has been one, but not necessarily efficient fundamental part of their business model. To increase the usefulness of their programs and develop opportunities for income generation, customers need to adapt their content (resincronizarlos) to fit a given space of emission, usually depending on the amount of commercial content to be issued, or according to the time constraints of a chain for a given transmission.
For content providers seeking greater utilization of its contents, in more chains and in a wider geographical area, the combination of resynchronization and conversion of standards is crucial to meet the numerous requirements of timing and format transmission chains.
Resynchronization, a process that usually requires a considerable amount of time and human intervention, is being revolutionized by the solution file-based automated resynchronization Tachyon Wormhole and standards conversion Wohler Technologies. Tachyon Wormhole, currently available in Latin America through systems integrators information and communications (CIS) is a comprehensive solution to resynchronize video, audio and closed captioning from files.
Having a resynchronized product presents no perceptible difference in quality, customer can better leverage their assets multimedia, offering content that meets the requirements of length of a string or leaving you space the programmer to insert more ads programs in prime time.
With this technology is no longer necessary to manually editing to preserve the quality of audio and video, as well as the integrity of closed captions (closed captioning), since this solution cuts or automatically lengthens the duration of the program content.
The video is processed with algorithms motion compensation developed by Cinnafilm, a developer of technology image processing, deserving of different awards, for "recapturing" video and create a much better result than that obtained earlier with less sophisticated solutions. You can resynchronize and accurately correct tone multi-channel audio. Closed captions are automatically adjusted according to the new duration.
The Wohler RadiantGrid platform serves as a solid foundation for processing from files. This platform is compatible with Tachyon Wormhole, and provides a channel processing high fidelity 16 4 bits: 4: 4: 4 that can process images in resolution 4K. The device accepts inputs both PAL system and the NTSC system to 4K, and processed without problems 23.98psF content, 24p, 25i, 29.97i, 50p, and 60p format.
The device also enables post-production facilities incorporate other fundamental processes to workflow resynchronization. Users have the option of applying standards conversion, interleaving, converting resolutions, inverse telecine, and removal / correction interrupted cadence, with options such as Dolby E processing and legalization of colors.
By consolidating many functions in a single process, it helps post-production facilities to optimize their workflow and use of resources (staff, space, equipment and expertise) in a more efficient way so that they can meet the technical and creative needs Your clients.
In some post-production facilities, one device can replace Tachyon Wormhole efficiently hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in specialized equipment based on SDI. The device can perform two conversions simultaneously processed synchronously to 64 audio and data channels captioning CEA-608 and -708.

In one step ─en a result consistent format high quality production as DNxHD, ProRes, or XDCAM─ is obtained. Thus, while minimizing manual review, the solution frees technical staff and equipment that would normally be occupied by eliminating defects in the editing room. Because the processing still takes place in the file, operators save time and money they once used to transfer content to baseband for processing.
In some cases, the device is being installed in environments with shared workstation allows an even greater flexibility and, in turn, efficiency. In these cases, the graphical user interface solution resynchronization is installed on the workstations of the entire infrastructure. This model allows more employees to manage and implement projects resynchronization, without the limitation of having to work from a workstation or operating area in particular.
A simple GUI-based browser facilitates the use of Tachyon Wormhole, even for those staff members who do not belong to the technical area. The operator simply identifies the source of multimedia content, selected from various preset profiles transfromación choose a specific duration or adjustment percentage and click "Start Retime" (start resynchronization).
Users also have the option of using time codes to designate certain regions or segments of a media file to be resynchronize. They can identify specific segments (as an initial sequence of credits) that should not be cut or elongated. Template workflow used by the system determines whether the file should be saved locally, sent to a type of NAS storage (shared across a network) or distributed through a protocol file transfer (FTP) .
The user interface continuously provides data on the state of processing, including a sequence of automated tasks: interleaving a stream of interlaced video, motion analysis with phase correlation of the video stream to establish movement of the contents and calculate locations start of content in order to fit the desired time period, resynchronization and audio pitch correction, and resynchronization closed captioning. When standards conversion is required, the processing ends with an automated transcoding step.
By automating these processes, the system offers significant and measurable improvements in speed resynchronization, without compromising quality. The content produced by the device has outdated pictures, no pictures in black, which were used in less sophisticated systems to extend duration times. The device uses its sophisticated algorithms to ensure that images and objects that appear in them retain their natural movement.
In more complex projects resynchronization, the device can do the job in less than the duration of the active time. For example, parallel processing two sources of 30 minutes, the system can cut XDCAM MXF HD422 1080i60 in 10 percent and convert it to ProRes MOV 422 1080i60 in just over 45 minutes.
These significant gains in speed and efficiency in the process of resynchronization and standards conversion are very valuable in the processing of SD and HD content, they allow better service, faster and more profitable for the benefit of post-production facility as Your clients.
Thanks to the processing functions of the device are also compatible with the 4K format, the device also opens the door to new and lucrative business with customers who are producing content 4K / ultra high definition (UHD).
* Craig Newbury is vice president of sales RadiantGrid
Richard St.
Author: Richard St.
Journalist from the University of Antioquia (2010), with experience in technology and economics. Editor of the magazines TVyVideo + Radio and AVI Latin America. Academic Coordinator of TecnoTelevisión & Radio.



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