"We're doing radio nineteenth century"

Ruben NavarroIgnorance of the proper functioning of the equipment is generating stations deficiencies in the signal that reaches listeners of the radio. The key is training.

By Richard St.

For those who have a somewhat pessimistic view on the future of radio with the influence of the internet, the FM remaining few years of existence. But some feel that it is not and that many opportunities have if known exploit.

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This is the case of the engineer Ruben Navarro, vice president of the company Elettronika, who has over 20 years of experience in the development of radio and television projects in Latin America and the United States. He shared with TVyVideo + Radio some of his views on the state of the industry in the region and how they can be improved.

He said that "the FM radio will become a revolutionary element. Many people do not see it that way and the vast majority of engineers still see the FM and AM radio repowered, because media owners in FM are the former owners of media in AM and when they come from the culture of AM believe life it will always be the same. So we need repowering and launch the FM radio station in what is the twenty-first century, because our radio stations, speaking specifically of the Colombian case, still live in the nineteenth century. "

The problem is not silver. He acknowledged that in many ways the technology is not denied, the resource is available but the problem is that it is not given proper use. There are cases in which they buy a device 12 thousand dollars and one dollars one 300 and it's all technical ignorance. Ruben Navarro participated as speaker TecnoTelevisión & Radio 2015 and recalled an anecdote on this subject specifically had with one of the conference attendees:

"In the lecture I gave someone who told me he had just bought an audio processor with stereo generator that brings dollars 11.900 250 manual pages. He read it, did not understand and told me that's why I would have to leave the team as it came and put it into the air. This is practically a setback, because in many cases when the device is not set, generates distortion of what is heard on the air and that is awarded either to new equipment or the transmitter, not the ignorance that is in management the teams".

The dog's barking
Said the vice president Elettronika that the main problems of the Latin American FM radio are a common point of all: MP3, high distortion, overshoot and lack of adjustment in the transmitters. "It's not a matter of buying the latest technology coming out, it is question of use is a matter of technical knowledge. Engineers are probably well prepared but someone told me, and I hope to check, that is not the engineer who makes the decision, if not the production manager or owner of the medium. And when you have the trained person isolated to turn off fires, nor will allow moving forward. "

These technical problems due to lack of sufficient knowledge about the teams have generated a concept that describes the result: "The dog barking stronger." This means that many seek sound louder rising power transmitters and what they do is distort what people listen. The problem is that when broadcasters are equal, one goes higher power looking barking louder, creating more chaos.

"Cities like Bogota can easily be managed with low power, which would result in lower energy consumption, better quality with less coverage and interference bounce points. But we are doing the opposite. Instead of going to the point of optimizing RF is we were assigned, we will try to overwhelm and destroy the spectrum to be more powerful, because there is a belief that whoever hears stronger has more power, but that is not Indeed, the stronger you hear has more distortion, "he said.

Paper manufacturers
"It is useless to sell goods if people do not know how to use. Not the brand, is the technical knowledge that makes the difference. " This is a reflection that makes Ruben Navarro on the role of vendors and manufacturers in providing technology for radio.

He recalled another anecdote, although it is a specific case of television, is also frequent the radio: "I have two uniforms one engineer and one as a representative of the company in sales. In Honduras we installed transmitters for digital TV in a chain about eight years ago. The owner of the chain first thing she asked was about 30 kilowatt transmitters for a city like Tegucigalpa. The negotiation almost gets damaged because I, in my role as an engineer, he explained that a transmitter of these was too large for such a small city with a high transmission point, with one of 500 watts was enough. Although the price difference was big for me was first professional ethics. The client insisted and told me who the money, yours or mine, and then I changed my uniform, I put the seller and buy what you want. Eventually he bought two kilowatts teams now work perfectly and give coverage to the entire city. "

He added that in terms of technology, it is also common that some managers say that if certain equipment you ran an X station, you have to buy it because it will work for everyone. But this is not true, it's just lack of technical knowledge. It is the absence of proper handling of equipment you have.

These cases in which the seller also uses this ethics are not very common. Partly because not all sellers are engineers and not all are ethical. Therefore, our guest insists that engineers need updating. And not having to go back to college, because Google gives a lot of information, factories also have technical information available, so that then go where the business environment and the manager and explain the benefits of upgrading, to give the listener What does he want.

New model of digital radio
Digital radio in Latin America is a topic that is rarely discussed. In addition to the technological renovation in the stations, it means that all without exception listeners change their receiving equipment. That is one of the fundamental points which the digital radio has been quiet in the region.

"And if you take into account the key radio factor is that reaches everywhere and that is just the humble people who cares you consume the radio, because it is the people who go to market, buy national, which takes the bus, who has money buys abroad. If we make a digital radio and ask people to buy a receiver, being the cheaper dollars 20 team, possibly the radio not prosper more and go to a possible economic ruin, "said Ruben Navarro.

Elettronika is developing a new digital and interactive platform for FM, which can be heard from the cell with high quality, and watch the news, see the speaker, how to make programs and interact, it gives a new approach to radio and the revives, based on the idea that the radio is in the air and heard in the cell and is not on the Internet, where the user has to spend bits and money. This is a free, interactive and digital radio.

That is the platform that is developing Elettronika and currently is with pilot projects in Switzerland, Germany and Italy. Works are small field laboratory to refine the details. And the maximum investment that makes the owner of the transmitter means is updated with current technology, it would be equal to renew their equipment and a website.

For that is running a sort of additional detail is required, especially legal, patent and patent modulation single record globally. And it is not just record it in America or Europe, Elettronika has particular problems as in Turkey, where no patent is not respected. All these legal proceedings are taking more slowly the process, but from the technical side are well advanced.

"This would be a new model of digital radio but attached to existing FM broadcasters, which will not generate the trauma of other formats that will give three radios. In this case you going to have a radio in the air, excellent coverage, with few problems, arriving where you want without buying more without forcing users to change their receptor "he said.

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