Caracol TV improves the presentation of their news

Colombia.Snail Caracol TV has equipped its news studio with a spectacular curved Christie MicroTiles video wall, the revolutionary modular digital display technology Christie. The screen consists of a Microtiles 120 15 x 8 configuration and AVCOM company has been installed.

The TV video wall Snail is six meters wide by 2,5 high, an angle of curvature of 0.8 degrees and provides 46.656.000 pixels. It is located on the right side of the news set this chain and is used to display the typical contents of the news, as the signals of the cameras, graphics, clips, logos and signs direct.

The images are dropped from Viz Engine Vizrt system, while two ECUs (external control unit MicroTiles) distribute the contents in the videowall and offer a level control system and automatic calibration and monitoring of the entire screen.

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"The first time we saw modules MicroTiles was in NAB 2014" recalls Camilo Aranguren, director of AVCOM Colombia, a provider of technology solutions for the television market, professional audio and lighting that has offices in Miami , Caracas and Bogota.

"From that moment we knew that this product was what I was looking for Caracol TV as due to the size of the MicroTiles was the system that best matched the possibility of making a curved screen borderless. Is a system that provides high quality image and a color and extraordinary shine "adds Aranguren.

Combining the best of the DLP projection and LED, Christie MicroTiles technology is able to provide images of a remarkably superior brightness and a color palette much wider than conventional plasma screens and LCD TVs. With no practical limit to the number of tiles in a display, Christie MicroTiles can generate a virtually continuous wall display.

In addition, the lightness (9,2 kg) and shallow (260 mm) of the MicroTiles cubes allows flexible facilities that integrate seamlessly into any environment and can be adapted even in major TV studios with space restrictions.

"The MicroTiles are ideal for mounting creative stage design in television sets as they can be stacked and grouped in forms and most innovative sizes, and redesign later to create completely new configurations," says Jorge Garcia, sales manager of Christie in Latin America. They also have the security that they are always ready to deliver in seconds, for its permanent automatic calibration does not require specialized adjustments to be seen clearly on the screen.


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Good Morning.

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  • Good Morning. Because the correspondent of Cúcuta most of the time does not say hello?


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