"You have to reimagine the radio"

Carlos Arturo GallegoCarlos Arturo Gallego said some aspects of how they should meet the challenges of the XXI century radio, using the panorama of digital and with the human talent hand to achieve good content.

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One of the most important conferences 2015 version of TecnoTelevisión & Radio was held as rapporteur Carlos Arturo Gallego, Vice radio Caracol Television, who is in charge of the station bluradio. In his presentation he invited those attending the show dedicated to this industry to reimaginen how radio is made in the country.

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Carlos Arturo Gallego is an experienced radio broadcaster. He has worked with Caracol Radio in Colombia, with Televisa Radio in Mexico and the Prisa group of Spain, trajectory that has allowed him to know how radio is made in different parts of the world and to have a broad overview of how you can adapt the radio to the new realities of audience and technology.

The first thing he said vehemently is that the radio is not dying, but it must reimagine. In addition, the Colombian radio is good quality, from the technical and content, compared to other radios in Latin America.

He stressed that to meet the challenges posed by radio XXI century, we must be clear that radio is alive, that new digital media are tools for traditional media and especially for live media. "Do not see them as competition, on the other hand you have to understand, use and exploit. The technology became a commodity, no longer makes a difference, so they must have the best talent, provide intelligent content production and have lots and lots of promotion. "

It also recommended belong to a media group, whereby talent and resources are shared the view of the contents is supplemented, have mutual support, cross promotion and strengthening convergence.

disruptive thinking
As a way to address current challenges of radio, Carlos Arturo Gallego intends to apply the disruptive thought which seeks to do things differently than traditionally made by analyzing different points of view, all options before disposal, encouraging the creativity.

"Disruptive are those who thanks to their flying minds, ideas that break rules and tenacity, can turn a company into an innovative force. There are several successful and internationally recognized companies that apply this concept, as the Virgin Group, "he added.

To apply this concept, some tips are: keep it simple, do not give up if at first you do not succeed, ask yourself is having fun ?, be innovative, keep in mind that talent is the best asset, lead listening to "refresh" of Occasionally.

Experience bluradio
Carlos Arturo Gallego was responsible for the launch of the Blu station, which became operational in September 2012, marking the return to Radio Caracol Television. Today the station has achieved a significant position in Colombia thanks to its FM dial and wide virtual presence.

To dabble in a highly competitive market radio, as was the case of Blu, they took into account that in markets there are always gaps, so the sought, and found them filled. In addition, they sought the difference especially in the color of the product and secured the financial budget as talk radio is expensive.

"You have to take risks, break the mold, traditions and paradigms, be disruptive as part of philosophy, forget traditional, be prepared to raise competition in three basic scenarios: find the best talent, produce very good content, have high capacity advertising and promotion. And above all we must go very hard to digital. "

He added some keys to making currently spoken Radio:
1. Get stuck with the listener.
2. Talk as if it had a single listener (you listening to me).
3. Be a good listener.
4. Which "writes well, he speaks well".
5. Remember that you are flesh and blood.
6. Take advantage of "moments of truth" and "get to know the innards".
7. Manage a small dose of "irony" because this is one of the most effective ways to accentuate the story.
8. Surprise your listeners.
9. Eloquent prefer interviewed and with a sense of humor.
10. Be consistent.

Based on these aspects, it was implemented bluradio. At three years old, these are some of the reflections on what their managers have learned from this experience:

1. Daring and risk.
2. Hire the best talent, and know from the beginning that it will be difficult to handle.
3. Focus on "core business".
4. Keep distances with peers, bosses and subordinates.
5. If what is perceived, they say on the street, "is a truth of a fist."
6. A project must give them time.
7. Try to listen to all proposals.

How could radio in a few years?
Finally, the Vice President of Caracol Radio Television highlighted some points that mark the agenda consideration of what will be the radio in a few years:

  • Like all radio media is also threatened.
  • You will have to keep reinventing itself, taking advantage of new technologies.
  • It will be digital, 'Wearable', `Interactive,` Custom, `On Demand.
  • All competition will be on content.
  • Validator will remain the social networks.
  • The convergence take all means commonplace.
  • Talk radio has more future than music radio.
  • The big question is how long it take for digital distribution channels exceed the spectrum?
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