8 key to business based on video content

The talent to be caring and form also refers to those who manage the orientation of the business model, the trade group and public relations, legal support that ensures clarity and tranquility in the rights of audiovisual material.

Juan Pablo Morales *

We are living at present one of the most significant for the communications industry and the television industry now. On the other hand, one of the biggest challenges is to address an analysis and proposed business models in times of re-evolution, when the continuous changes and reorientations industry carry a rate that hardly can follow clearly.

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A transversal concept in every revolution throughout history is the replacement. In the case of the audiovisual industry there are three areas where this concept has changed dramatically. The first are the substitutions in the production chain, showing changes in the basis of the financing, production, distribution, exhibition and at hearings and in form and habits as I have shared in previous articles. Substitution in the structure of the system, where there are now more players, different business models and new media; and finally substitutions in the art or more precisely in the way we produce and barriers to entry and Capex industry.

These surrogate processes have had a highly correlated with culture impact the way we view content and the way in which society relates to ecosystems, media and messages.

The rapid evolution of the music industry paid the floor, and a few years after Napster, improved bandwidths, codecs, processing capabilities and protocols would start a special harvest content. In recent years the industry has also been accelerated by the change in consumption, thanks to the advent of mobile devices, changing a custom video consumption to an individual family and private consumption.

The OTT business model has taken advantage of this evolution. After Netflix, Hulu and Amazon, other initiatives traditional channels such as HBO, ESPN and other networks began to appear betting on market share and adding more than 100 million paid subscribers among the most important worldwide by the end of 2015.

The same advertisers that support the business are against a background of publishers and channels so wide that have had to rethink their way to reach the consumer, with a market that is fragmented into multiple services and devices and has continuously it microsegmentado on behalf of the huge range of content.

The advertising industry began to evolve into an intelligent, automated auction-based model that allows you to achieve these segments according to the profiles of users, thanks to technology and data audiences collected by online platforms, cookies and networks social. The advertising program is the answer that is beginning to make their way also to television. A solution that gives to the audience the message they seek, in real time, in their own context and device, and just when you are in the process of converting.

Television as a first screen continuously has given way to other platforms. The numbers reflect a continued loss of users of pay-TV in almost everyone, or at least decelerated growth as we have seen in Colombia. Against this background, in a system with dramatic changes on all fronts, it is essential to have a plan for success in the industry long term.

Many great things can be achieved without a plan, but having it, unfold organically resources, opportunities naturally awaken and build harmonious and a sequence of success exponentially. Therefore it is important to consider the following tips 8 for a business model of audiovisual content.

1. Identify each segment
Recall that television is far more personal than ever. We went from an impersonal, informative TV, where the individual did not exist, a TV reality shows exhibiting privacy and being individualized, leading to the scene to the audience and the viewer identifies with what is, with what he wants or so you do not want to be.

You have to answer the following questions:
Who can I target content ?, What are the characteristics of that niche ?, Is massive, corporate ?, Looking communicate, teach, entertain or to sell? and How to measure success?

The contents of tags shall bear a special label with stories to tell, entertain, engage and interact, establishing an emotional dialogue with each user, offering as value the opportunity to be staged and even guiding content development.

2. Value proposal
Not only is views, likes and subscribers. The content should be constructive and easy delivery and access. The more simple to understand will be more akin to the user and therefore more likely to be shared.
3. Create, maintain and strengthen relationships with the audience
Relations with the audience are structured presence. Currently the organic internet traffic has evolved to the point that Google changes its algorithm over 50 times a year. For this reason it is essential to apply the technical content online marketing, SEO and SEM and use social networks to transmit that identity motivating conversation.

4. Promote a massive collaborative construction
Culture should lead to internalize the need to use multiple devices, media, languages ​​and messages. The more transmedia is a message, the greater its deployment and strength. The user experience should be the focus of all efforts and for this we must take care with narrative coherence, staging, surveying, languages, scripts and rhythm of each production.

The message will be more shared to the extent that the mixture of channels through which the user is appropriate address.

5. Talent is the key
It is important to clarify that talented not want to refer only to the artistic team in a production. The talent that must be cared for and form also refers to those who manage the orientation of the business model, the trade group and public relations, legal support that ensures clarity and tranquility in the rights of audiovisual material. Before investing in cameras and studios, talent is more important.

6. You have to know what's going on in the industry
The best way to be updated on the movements of the sector is through continuous research. It is advisable to attend fairs television and digital content to permanently strengthen a circle of public relations. You have to watch TV and surf the internet and find out where the raitings and views are. Only this way can develop commercial and entertaining content, develop proprietary formats. Experience, design and redesign.

7. We must focus on monetizing
There are many alternatives for monetizing content. If we think from the perspective of advertising, we find options such as branded content, product placement and sponsorship. You can find funding to develop projects also through calls, custom productions, co-productions and building development laws such as those in Colombia (814 or 1556). You can also have benefits through sale of rights to different windows, selling content with Pay Per View (PPV), creating channels on YouTube and subscription Multi Channel Networks (MCN) and other little explored in Latin America as licensing, consumer products and crowdfunding.

8. Public relations.
Audiovisual content, as well as most services and products and they sold grounded in the client's emotions and not so much in practical reason information.

Emotional has a greater weight when it comes to entertainment and advertising, why human relationships are the focus in this industry. For this reason it is very important to work on a plan of public relations channels, public and private television, cable or television open and who also set the standard in the digital world.

Many unions and public or mixed institution-building programs have a very special value. We must approach the Ministries of Culture, Education and ICT, to Chambers of Commerce and Universities as well as industry events and people from organizations that promote and sponsor

With these tips only thing missing is make the decision and start experimenting.

* Juan Pablo Morales Sarmiento is vice president of distribution Provideo. You can contact him through @JuanPMoralesS

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