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A year ago the Panamanian chain Super Q Radio conducted a technology upgrade process by which allowed them to offer their users and customers video radio.

By Richard St.

The constant advancement of technology has made traditional media such as radio and television must be renewed to remain in force. This is the case of Super Q, FM, a radio station with national coverage in Panama, which works by combining varied musical programming interaction with listeners, which recently made a technological upgrade its facilities.

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TVyVideo + Radio spoke with Aris de Icaza, director of the station, who told the details about the update for the radio station that carries over 40 years on the dial of Panamanians. Such upgrade included the installation of Avra ​​system, which allowed them the opportunity to hear them better and also to see.

"The goal was to offer, with the new automation system Avra, the chance that our listeners can hear us and see. Also, visually present the products (product placement) and video ads rate of our customers and make remote radio via Skype, "he said.

The Super Q system offers the ability to monitor the number of users who download the application and connected the 24 hours using the platform Streaming Media Streann that integrates directly with the Avra.

integrated systems
With the upgrade of their systems, Super Q became the first radio station in Panamanian territory to offer its customers listeners and radio service with video.

Aris de Icaza said that the decision to purchase this equipment was the product of professional advice from the company Broadcast Depot, through Jorge Luis Dieguez engineers and Antonio Calderon. "We understood the potential and new tools that gave us the system and become a Radio that continued innovating to the rhythm of the times".

As part of the upgrade process, you could use resources that were previously installed in the radio network. Among them, Avra ​​integrated with the automation system Dinesat for the entire management of multimedia radio.

With the new system, the transmission is distributed in all mobile devices, tablets, PCs, using the streaming service company Streann Media. Through this platform have access to the consumption statistics of users visiting country where the player who used to see them and more.

"The main purpose is that the radio takes advantage with this system as it allows us to have a strategy for digital now. With Avra ​​give color to radio and new tools are generated for that benefit both the radio and the client. a new hybrid medium between radio and TV is created, "said Aris de Icaza.

High satisfaction of listeners
Satisfaction or response from listeners has been very high. It is an opportunity for the listener to see the DJs and presenters to work on different aspects, such as animation, interviews with the artists of the time to constantly wear to the station and watch the show they perform in cabin. You can see this content from the screen of your smartphone, laptops and home theaters with smart TV.

The managers of the radio station highlighted some points that have changed after a year of operation of the technological upgrade:

  • Using the videos of the songs that are programmed has been a plus.
  • The transmission of our programming, being also visual, forces us to prepare beforehand with visual material.
  • The experience of the operation of this equipment and technology has been consistent, reliable and easy to handle.
  • Aris de Icaza concluded that "The times are changing and with it the technology continues to advance, it is our duty to keep up with these changes to keep progressing and always be at the forefront of this exciting radio industry."
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