Ownership and development of content in digital TV

One issue to consider because of the arrival of DTT in Colombia, it is that this "unknown" technology opens up a new vista of possibilities for a user type sometimes underrated: childhood.

Luis Fernando Gutierrez Cano
Jorge Luis Pacheco Orcasitas

Digital Terrestrial, DVB-T, TV is just around the corner and in various sectors of the country remains a big unknown, not only for users but also even for the various actors in the audiovisual industry, which means the digital ignition. Surely there is progress but the development of future actions for both technical, economic and content management is necessary because public and private channels will soon be required to issue under the technological possibilities of DTT throughout the Colombian territory.

As digital terrestrial technology is the first universalized digital tool in every home, it is imperative that all citizens know the scope of the medium, just to understand it, use it and enjoy it. Similarly, this process should serve as a method for solving the digital divide, especially in developing countries like ours. It is that all Colombians have access to DTT generating the universality of technology. Today we live in a technological revolution that must also be social, cultural and educational.

- Advertising -

DTT is a considerable increase in services, they are more generated as users understand and manage technology fluently. In this sense literacy campaigns should strive by teaching the use, services and opportunities for environmental agents beyond all know it is DTT. As many consider the most important thing is the quality of content through television, in this sense, the content must be the engine propelling the audience to DTT (Peris Blanes, 2011. Quoted in Levante-EMV) for appropriates the citizen of this new technology.

Strategies for brand identity
If Colombia wants to continue betting on this platform it is to make the effort to develop attractive content and allow media convergence of television with other media such as the Internet or mobile telephony.

As advertising sales increasingly more fragmented and as audiences are increasingly faced more media, such as Vilajoana Alejandre (2015) today as never more media channels and communication says will be important then create a branding (process of making and build a brand, in English, brand equity), through the strategic management of the total set of assets linked directly or indirectly to the name and / or symbol (logo) that identify the brand (San Eugenio Vela, 2012). This fact influences the brand value for both the customer and the company that owns the brand, ie a brand image to differentiate the product from the competition. Do not confuse plurality quality. Each chain finds its own target, say experts.

DTT and children
Another issue to consider because of the advent of Digital Terrestrial Television in Colombia, is that this "unknown" technology opens up a new vista of possibilities for a user type sometimes underrated: childhood. Now, children and young people are far from that TV single chain or two chains, at most, that previous generations have lived.

DTT repositions the child as a subject to which the programming is directed and as a subject consumer. (Gonzalez, Prato and Volart, 2012). With TDT what the consumption of children? In this new scenario, for example in Spain, since the introduction of digital television in the children's audience it has significantly decreased consumption of adult programming and increased consumption of children's programs. Children and young people consume mostly Spanish genre fiction programs. Also, since 2010 it has decreased consumption in the night time television.

In Colombia should consider children's television in a TD pass to a more diversified monolithic state. Channels, especially public, have a great challenge to children's programming DTT should think of content for children and youth, suitable for development, not only thinking of fiction programs or cartoons, but a television educational, cultural and educational purposes from strategic vision that allows DTT and convergence of television with other media.

In this sense, public television should seek to contribute to the effective training of children and youth in the country, as people through quality television; and for that you must pass from the monolithic (one single television enjoyment), to move to a television to provide training and education spaces for children, through a diversified model that generates social profitability.

The model involves diversified
First, you must define very clearly the structure and flow of programming, taking into account or public objectives which are addressed and age ranges equivalent to the stages of cognitive-affective growth (4-5 are configured; 6-9; 9-12; 12-15). Immediately, are attempting to take other genres and formats (cooperation agreements and collaboration with various entities of the educational spectrum in the country, region or locality, such as educational institutions of various kinds, mayoralties, parent meetings, higher education institutions, civic organizations , among others).

From these initiatives, it is very feasible to achieve that you can act out various activities for the benefit of children and young people, such as audiovisual products of an educational nature that are able to address different areas and disciplines, yes, having a central axis school officials themselves, in order to generate knowledge to large groups of students.

Then you can perform direct study, for example, are able to act out realistic activities being developed at the moment, based on examples of activities social and educational interest (Children's debates about their perception of the world and its concerns, etc. .). As a final step, it is advisable not only the realization of audiovisual products loose, but packed cumulative series and programs in time, structured, considering environments well-defined formation.

From these four stages, it is feasible to achieve captivate children and young users, bringing them methodically and constructively, ae establish more harmonious relations within educational environments, with their family, school, civic and social environment.

What do you win?
Unquestionably these actions generate an enrichment of the basic conception of a production staff or television channel, turning the interdisciplinarity essential factor; Also, a new scenario of competition that can lead to truly means to be a real option would be configured.

On the contrary, if it is not done, television progressively risks losing the audience kept captive for a long time, agreeing with Levis (2008) in the public television today is far from that captive audience last , which based television has built the social imaginary on which continues to support.

new content
Something that should worry the agents that are part of the panorama of DTT in Colombia, has to do with various research conducted in Western European countries that have already made the analog switch, and conclude that the programming in digital television in those countries show processes carried out exactly as they did their analog predecessors. In the experience of Argentina, it is necessary to focus on the implementation of Digital Television to:

Content production: The realization of national content to promote cultural, sporting, artistic, educational and children's programs.
domestic production and employment generation: Boosting production equipment required for the transmission and reception of digital signals.
Scientific development and training of human resources: Staff training for DTT in technical and scientific aspects.

Similarly, it is a fact that historically, production and distribution of content on national television has been concentrated in Bogotá, centralist manner and, as mentioned above, with high penetration of content broadcast by private channels.

There's a big challenge, especially for public television, which must tend to design new ways to distribute the new signals available as part of a commercial television system, concentrated and with public television has traditionally been characterized by being highly politicized (especially regional and local channels), and without a really clear policy content.

In the next article an interesting proposal, which is already underway in countries Argentina, aimed at achieving a novel alternative for generating content in Digital Television, they achieve capture the attention of users, with a view to be addressed more participation of citizens in processes of education, government, employment and entertainment, with inclusiveness.

* Jorge Luis Pacheco is Orcasitas Social Communicator-Journalist Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana. Master in Theory and Practice of Creative Documentary, Autonomous University of Barcelona. Titular teacher Journalism Faculty of Social-Communication University Pontificia Bolivariana. Teaching Professor Faculty of Communication Studies, Polytechnic Jaime Isaza Cadavid. audiovisual producer and documentary filmmaker. Member of the Research Group in Urbana-GICU Communication, Faculty of Social Communication and Journalism at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana.

* Luis Fernando Gutierrez Cano, Social Communicator Journalist of the Pontifical Bolivarian University, a specialist in television Magister Javeriana University in education and Tecnologico de Monterrey. university lecturer, producer, director and television programmer. He received the Award for Emmi strong support especially children Attunement (Canal Capital), the India Catalina, Armando Devia Moncaleano and Amway Award for best college television programs in the country.

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