From the webstage, breaking paradigms

A closed circle and difficult to access, production came to a complete oversupply of content on different platforms and fragmented, mass and relative easy user segmentation audiences for advertisers.

By Juan Pablo Morales Sarmiento *

We are going through a revolution in communication evidenced mainly by the consolidation of key components such as online video platforms, social networks, the massive appearance of virtual reality and augmented, multiuser applications, metrics and program advertising, front a traditional media industry that sometimes seems to be stunned face all the challenges this represents.

From an academic point of view, we can say that the media are being replaced by complex interactive systems and an integrated and multi-sensory functionality, the components alone does not achieve the same impact independently and where culture and consumer habits They must be addressed with a completely opposite view to that used to have.

- Advertising -

Thus current communication systems include contents that are conducted by omnidirectional channels based on information technology, making complex messages, personal, mass and measurable experiences, originating anywhere in the same system.

This revolution also went through the technique used for production. On the one hand the lower prices of equipment and post-production systems and on the other, the incredible increase in recording quality have been key factors for being a closed and inaccessible circle, production has passed the we have today: a complete glut of content on different platforms and fragmented, mass audiences and, thanks to technology, easily on user segmentation to advertisers, who finance industry since its inception.
They are breaking paradigms and how large or small producers must learn to use these new techniques to achieve long-term results. I can say that linear television executives must learn from the Youtubers today.

4 key for live productions that engage audiences
1. Let the stage and backstage webstage.
Two of the most recent international experiences that can serve as an example are the Brit Awards, originated in London last 24 February and more than 200.000 users connected simultaneously in transmission live on YouTube, and on the other hand delivery Awards from Los Angeles four days later, which were also transmitted online via Facebook Live.

In both cases central and alternate to the main broadcast component, attention was focused on what was happening behind the scenes, behind the scenes and / or in a webstage specially designed for the online experience, giving the audience what they hardly ever television linear offers: magic.

And it is this magic that is just driving away consumers from linear TV screen to other experiences. A synonym for magic here is interaction.

With respect for local initiatives that have tried to emulate this magic on TV and that it should be noted for this. This is not to make a chroma with avatars of social network users who use a hashtagpara interact with a program. It is respond, speak and react honestly and directly.

2. VOD speed. According to a recent report Impaktu on digital advertising, YouTube is the social network with the highest rate of interactivity, followed by Facebook. Whether in a live event broadcast on one of these two networks. The rate at which stay VOD content available to users is directly proportional to its incidence and impact.

One of the most attractive features like TriCaster production systems, is the ability to immediately publish clips to social networks like YouTube, apart from the own publishing a live stream way.

However, there are many other recording systems in high quality and in H.264 as those AVerMedia or Blackmagic also offered and can result in a flow of relatively quick and easy to manage work. I suggest using live continuously for delivery capsule.

Catch users a set of content so it hard for them to get out of their environment and on the other hand, are motivated to invite and share.

3. It must involve the community, by passing from being merely audience to be correspondent. For this you must create a Hashtag, unique, multi-network and you have to invite people both in person using it online, also announcing the URL of the official transmission. This initiative will not emerge organically. It is important to announce it, make it visible and tangible, promote it and reward it.

I recently was in a massive event with more than 90.000 people around me and incredibly there was not even a single poster or notice or an inflatable with Hashtag. Be creative.

4. Start involve Snapchat, Periscope and Vine. Although each of these applications has a different function, it may be appropriate to use with only a recommendation. If you are going to do, you do it right.

No need to use all three applications is mandatory. It depends on your strategy and continuity that will give. If you are going to start should not be stopped, it is not a path that suits back, so it's important to think hard before taking the first step.

Three of the things that often happen in initiatives with these applications is that the audio is environmental through the microphone of the mobile, the phone is held by the hand of a community manager and that the mobile is vertical orientation.

I suggest avoid this, as well as having a mobile dedicated to it not receive calls, with enough power to not go off and hopefully with an influencer behind supporting the activity without stopping.

Evolving into a social language
There is no doubt that the industry can do TV broadcast. Still, modestly you must learn to interact and understand that online video goes further. Meanwhile, new talents and corporations must begin to learn to do both.

Traditional industry should focus on experience and develop a parallel thought because the video, is now beyond the broadcast. It is not only cameras, optical and switchers, lights and microphones, scripts and dialogues. Uncontrolled social networks and program advertising, the audience will not arrive and also must be kept hooked delivering the magic that has rarely been given before. Remember that this magic originates internet that people have access to more information, more resources and also to consume, generate it, ask for it and sculpt. Must be given that opportunity.

The video should become a machine to acquire customers and it is only through a coherent strategy, integrated experiences, with metrics and continuous oriented listening and responding discipline can be achieved.

* Juan Pablo Morales Sarmiento is film and TV producer and vice president of distribution at Provideo. You can contact him via Twitter @JuanPMoralesS

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