TV and internet, condemned to understand

Everyone appoints the broadcast IP as the future, but questions arise about what we mean, what is this? when we talk about IP Broadcast, Broadcast What is IP?

By Bibiana Rosero *

In a village of La Mancha, whose name I do not remember, not long ago that used to be ubiquitous and monolithic communication system that we know as television does. The same that today, due to new technological and social paradigms, we are witnessing its reinvention.

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For a couple of years talking about the future of television and speculation about his survival or transformation in the digital world. The most radical have come to ensure that it is about to be extinguished, however the industry that acts very quickly prepares for metamorphosis.

In the past 2016 NAB in Las Vegas, it has been shown that the world is betting on broadcast network solutions using IP environments simultaneously to decrease, among others, costs in production. The growth of service offerings and demand is high, IP solutions grew in number, occupying more space than in previous years Convention Center. Brands such as JVC, Sony, Panasonic, among others, have joined and definitely as streaming business units within its product range.
Everyone appoints the broadcast IP as the future, but I doubt arises about what we are talking about when it comes to this technology, what is the broadcast IP?

Defined as the possibility of online audiovisual production but with the quality standards that we are accustomed television. It is the union of two worlds condemned to entenderse¿Por what? Simple, because the funding of the media, especially in Latin America, is decreasing year after year, due to audience fragmentation. The windows of exposure of audiovisual content have increased exponentially, allowing advertisers to vary their strategies and increase trade pattern, creating an ecosystem with social networks and considering the Internet as the most effective means of selling alternatives. Without even talking about the efficiency of their metrics and user tracking.

But it has not only impacted the business as such, because the IP broadcast allows today manage content within a network in your workflow and technical infrastructure, with a simple RJ45 cable, for example, is allowing to connect the entire hemisphere broadcast eliminating the endless cable networks to link cameras, production and post production.

Is this the complete revolution of broadcast IP ?, I firmly believe that this process is just beginning, it will affect carriers or data carriers (Akamai, Level3, Cogent, Global Crowsing and etc.), which along with traditional broadcast providers should make real the gift of ubiquity, allowing you to connect productions and live audiovisual works from different geographical locations at very low cost online.

In Colombia, under the last electoral process 2014, he first experimented with a transmission comprising the link 32 cities, which broadcasted simultaneously through the Internet and whose communication was two-way with a delay of one second. An experiment with such good results that have questioned the investment costs in satellite transmission.

NAB-2016, let see the technological advances in 4K, but what most surprised in this regard was the display of the mobile 8K Unit by NHK, Japanese broadcaster together with Nevion conducted the first pilot test in the latest version 50 Super Bowl. There they conducted several demonstrations, which allowed us to know the benefits of these solutions that facilitate the transition to IP, so we begin to see how the industry is leading its market, highlighting the importance of adopting open standards.

Beyond 4K rethink the system itself has already been overwhelmed by the 8K, I think the look that allowed us to build this NAB, is toward a horizon that no longer looks so far. TV is reinventing itself, the content will always be king but will look for different platforms. Look at the IP, prepare for IP and with the same sense of Don Quixote that started this article concluded: Yes, I beg you, while the priest confesses, television will be online.

* Bibiana Rosero has 24 years of experience in the television industry. Today he works as a commercial director and CG Producciones projects.

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