AIEP installed automation system

An automation system was installed in the university issuing the AIEP Professional Institute, which has offices in 16 cities of Chile.

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50 coinciding with the anniversary of the creation of the Professional Institute of the University Andres Bello in Chile, technical management has proposed an ambitious program of modernization of its educational facilities. Within this development plan they included the project of University Radio, Sound School, Television and Broadcasting, AIEP Professional Institute, located in Santiago.

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This place has installed a comprehensive network of radio automation system called AudioPlus, the company AEQ. It is a network with customers 5 4 AEQ AudioPlus in different locations, each of which communicates with the central server in charge of the management and configuration, housed in the Institutional Data Center of the University.

AEQ AEQ AudioPlus about technology in computer systems issue, those radio stations which professional automation has not yet been reached.

The installed technology
Based on the Mar4Suite systems installed in thousands of studies high and mid-level networks to hundreds of jobs, it has developed a program to most radio studios in autonomous stations or chains with few seats product per station.

AEQ AudioPlus offers new features, tailored to real needs, technical skills and purchasing power of most stations. It includes tools for manual, automatic and remote controlled emission, automatic programming of music and advertising as well as generation and editing content.

Unlike other applications of moderate cost, this tool for small and medium stations has the power and quality of the best. Designed for operating Windows and SQL Server data systems AudioPlus AEQ has a simple self-installation wizard is compatible audio card inexpensive and editing tools and complementary management.

The AEIP AudioPlus systems are already operating normally coinciding with the start of the courses Sound and Speech, and is expected to start ramping up the radio signal via internet for the start of summer.

The entire project has been led by Rafael Franca responsible for systems AIEP, in collaboration with the technical department of Intervideo Chile and staff AEQ in Madrid, where training workshops and training were delivered to managers and system installers .

The institute benefited
AIEP is an institution of professional technical higher education that provides access to quality technical training aimed at a rapid and successful integration into employment, which has more than 40 thousand graduates.

It was founded in 1965 in order to deliver first class technical education. In 2001, in order to improve vocational training given to students, AIEP is linked to the Andres Bello University. In 2003, AIEP becomes part of the educational network Laureate, a global network of institutions of higher education today totaling more than 80 29 institutions in countries.

Since the founding of AIEP until today, he has forged a House of Studies in Higher Education of excellence, operating in the 16 most important cities of Chile Calama, Antofagasta, La Serena, San Felipe, Vina del Mar, Valparaiso, Rancagua, San Fernando, Curicó, Talca, Concepcion, Los Angeles, Temuco, Osorno, Puerto Montt and Santiago. The latter, with five venues.

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