Telemedellín concerning technology and city

Today TeleMedellín ago 5 live daily programs, studio and natural sets offered by the new headquarters. A total 12 new programs on the grill every day.

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The old nursery Medellin, a batch of 28 thousand square meters located in one of the areas that brings a greater number of people living or working in it, was the place chosen to build the new headquarters of Telemedellín, the channel Gabriel García Márquez park.

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Opened 15 2015 December, the park currently has a canal built of 9 thousand square meters concentrated in two blocks, one for television production and other office area. It also has contemplated the future construction of a third block that will bring 3 thousand square meters, which complement the original design of the project.

TVyVideo + Radio spoke with Carlos Duque, technical director of the channel and who was in charge of the whole process, for details of technological and urban suitability of the project, which had an investment of 32 billion Colombian pesos.

The building television production has 2 studies, one of 250 square meters unit channel programs and other 400 meters, which is in the process of adaptation, intended for other formats, such as programs with public or serve third parties. Studies have as characteristic that are on the first floor and shortcuts for loading and unloading of any type of elements, thanks to very generous doors.

It has 11 2 editing rooms and audio post-production rooms that are close to starting their endowment. Three other editing rooms are exclusively for the news. Part of plotting has 8 jobs that centralize all production of the channel. In addition, they created a separate parking area for three mobile units with special security. Currently the channel has two mobile units.

On the topic LED lighting systems were implemented, both for studies and for general lighting of the building. In the part of studies, they achieved benefits such as lower energy consumption, lower consumption of air conditioning and maintenance free. In the study 1 they have Fluotec endowment lights.

Meanwhile, the office building is based on an open architecture, in which only the directors have closed office, which facilitates collaborative work. The terrace of the building is designed for employees, in an area area is the dining area, a TV lounge outdoor game tables, a soccer field five gym, all focused on the welfare of employees.

Carlos Duque stressed that "in the process of construction of the building this always had the green theme for the part where we are located, the former municipal nursery. So we looked for it to remain a lung for the city and are in the process of LEED certification, which required taking into account bioclimatic studies and aspects such as employee comfort, lighting, water treatment, which are reflected in the various details of the work. "

Canal park
The channel in its history has had several locations, always with some shortcomings for the operation of a television channel. Around the year 2010 had a confiscated by the state to the Brown brothers house, known Colombian criminals, which had little operational side but developed the channel concept park, in which the community could share with the channel different experiences such as workshops, exhibitions art and sports.

When 2011 began to explore the possibility of the new headquarters, the idea of ​​a park channel where people could go visit in external spaces and a guided tour designed from scratch to meet channel operation resumed.

"We believe it is the first channel in Latin America that has the concept of a guided tour designed from scratch. Today we are adapting the various activities that visitors will and hope to have running by the end of 2016. It is a tour where visitors can view all operational areas of the channel, studies, master broadcast, makeup, editing rooms, among others, without affecting work. Amid the tour they will have a series of activities that will understand what is so playful and fun. This space will be very interesting for the city, "said Carlos Duque.

In addition, the building is surrounded by a large green area open to the public, which is accessed by three different parts and in which visitors can enjoy playgrounds, an ecological path in which they find quotations from the works of Gabriel García Márquez and ample recreational space. Surely this is a new benchmark for the inhabitants of Medellin and its visitors.

Technological renovation
Since 2012, Telemedellín is emitting its signal in high definition, so teams moved from the previous headquarters are the latest technology. And as the new venue is larger, there was a reversal in some equipment such as video matrix, intercom, all over IP.

The heart of the issue is based on Evertz solution that allows the channel to be in force for the next 8 years before thinking about a renewal. He also took the opportunity to make a renewal of editing rooms and now have Avid systems.

Technical Director said Telemedellín that "the adequacy of the second television studio, 4K systems are implemented. Although it may seem rushed, in the exercise of 2009 when the mobile was made in high definition, we said why ?, and today sounds consistent. So we are looking for a projection in time for study 4K technology, which gives you a full term. And 4K hand, all based on IP flows. "

The new headquarters of Telemedellín was equipped with structured cabling, fiber optic connections 10 gigas for transmitting video, plus a robust system CCTV and access control circuit. While these latter aspects are not part of television production, they are consistent with the technological equipment for a building of these conditions.

According to Carlos Duque, Telemedellín is a channel that seeks to work with many brands, have different options and best of each brand. Some of the teams have today are:
Cameras: Sony, Panasonic, JVC
Infrastructure: Evertz, Imagine, old Miranda.
Arri Lighting, Fluotec, ETC
Servers: Imagine
Editing: Avid systems and Mac computers
Intercom Matrix IP and Telex new Clearcom
Switcher: Grass Valley and FORA
Monitors: TV Logic, Wohler, Sony and Panasonic
Microphones: Sennheiser and Sony
Consoles: Yamaha
Lenses: Fujinon is the 90%

Telemedellín has developed its technological adaptation projects engineered in house, but for the new headquarters Seel linked to the company, which made an accompaniment from the technical designs together with the architects of the channel, making the distribution of technical areas. Then they supported the adequacy of the studies, grills lights, air conditioning. Finally, all designs and electronic implementation with interconnect channel.

Moreover, as Seel has a manufacturing area of ​​technical furniture, all furniture, racks, tables controls study were provided by them.

At the head of the project
If you just enter the new headquarters of Telemedellín and see the magnitude of the work, both in public areas such as in technology, it is an amazing experience to what is expected of a television channel, cross it led by Carlos Duque is live the passion and commitment of those who took the project forward.

With nearly two decades in the technical area of ​​the channel, outlasting changes of state entities with each new government, Carlos Duque has developed a great sense of belonging by the channel as well as a great knowledge about the functioning, sufficient merit to have led the whole process, along with along with Juan Diego Hernandez, director of planning and who before was also part of the engineering area.

"Now that fulfilled the dream of the new headquarters and to develop projects such as the guided tour, the new study 4K and IP, it makes us feel very proud. We did part of the whole project from achieving headquarters, permits, tendering for construction, carrying out all the ideas, listening to employee suggestions, not only engineering for television, "concluded Carlos Duque.

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