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In the change was media system, it is navigating to a stage of hearing loss, regulatory delay and dangerous dependence on far more versatile, daring and probably take the right decisions advertisers.

By Juan Pablo Morales *

Gradually within the practices in communications from the television industry it is being assimilating the trend that not everything that is offered to the community experience, is through a television or a single device.

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The dynamics of consumption of video currently does not respond only to a change in user habits associated with fashion, nor to the availability and variety of devices, means of transport or convenience. This depends largely on the fusion of communication with the primary social needs of people.

Media users are rapidly migrating to a systemic model of communication identified by attributes of its parts individually lack.

Convenience. Consumers now have options to consume and add content according to your tastes, availability, times and locations.

Interactivity. The experience, as when he migrated from radio to television involving more senses, is not only to enjoy content through a means but an array of experiences through an interactive system that has routes to omnidirectional level and may involve transmedia and gamification elements hardly adaptable in other scenarios.

Fragmentation. If the TV, a device that played a role in attracting families around a narrative told by few. The almost unlimited availability of services and current devices are connecting to individuals beyond the walls through stories that many can build organically.

Individualization. The current communication is migrating from an anonymous participation to one in which each individual is identified and presented digitally sharing their profiles, tastes and preferences.

One to one marketing. The market intelligence systems allow users segmentation, knowledge of their needs and personal two-way communication.

Ease. The absence of barriers to any individual or organization to publish original content in an environment with no rules, beyond the same system and consumers make as natural selection filters, it is bringing to market a glut of content levels. The effectiveness in reaching the primary needs of socialization of individuals, is what will determine the success and continuity of content.

While traditional media continue to be measured under the same assumptions, consumers are trying new experiences that combine communication and technology. Some of the questions that advertisers should ask are How to make decisions based on the traditional way of measuring if the traditional way to communicate is constantly changing ?, How to advertise now, if the traditional way of talking to the audience is losing force ?.

Is the traditional way of advertising will react faster than the media?

Advertisers will possibly take control of content production in a bid to close the gap and reach beyond its traditional distribution chain, making them more relevant, close and effective with their related communities.

For television, understand how to approach the dialogue is not only a matter of devices but of creativity and appropriation of technologies within a dialectic constantly changing, it will be the beginning of a strategy to regain lost time transformation.

In a creative industry used in practice for more than a decade to a duopoly, faced frequently in a continuous imitation game, with priorities that allegedly go beyond the obligation to communicate and scratching politics and power; was changing media system, is navigating to a stage of hearing loss, regulatory delays and a dangerous dependence on much more versatile, daring and will surely take the right decisions advertisers.

The opportunity now is for producers who want to experience, involving digital techniques, leaving a local environment and risk in a global, interconnected system. Those who can, with ease, appropriating new trends in communication, who can captivate more audiences and thus, higher conversions than usual in a linear and traditional world.

* Juan Pablo Morales Sarmiento is a consultant in Content, Video and New Media. You can contact you through your account on Twitter: @JuanPMoralesS

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