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Colombia. Competition TecnoTelevisión University invites you to participate in the voting to choose the winner in his 2016 version. Voting will be open until next Tuesday October 11 through the website

This year 30 works from different regions of the country, reflecting a high quality audiovisual production of future industry professionals were nominated. The five finalists come from cities like Bogota, Manizales, Medellin and Pasto.

The finalists are:

- Advertising -

Border: a path traced by the imagination
Isabel Cristina Henao
Mariana University

Juan Carlos Cabezas (23) is a dual national, finished college decides to visit his family who lives in Puerto Palma-Nariño, a place located in Ecuador's Colombian border where the situation of a people is evidence that he has suffered from government neglect; after his visit begins to answer the question likewise Why decides to stay in Colombia ?.

Daniela Vargas Sanz
University of Manizales

Martin is a young gamer, that after three days in a row playing without eating or sleeping well and a blackout of light, ends tucked inside a video game. Now is the 'Agent M' and must complete the mission assigned to him at first: Recover a precious briefcase, which is in the hands of Hans Herzog.

I dreamed
John Alexander Arango
technological CESDE

What would you think if your dreams are fulfilled on the last day of your existence? Anhelos classics! I dreamed a long trip to the past in a small plane of black paper.

My guaca bitch
Stefania Fernandez
University Manuela Beltran

Gabriel is a farmer who decides to help a young unearth one guaca, she warns him that the person has should not waste it. Eventually this young woman found dead. Gabriel saw this stays with that guaca malgastandola long, how was the last person that she had contacted the blame of his death, already in jail does not support the indifference of her family, see and had no money and they waited many years in prison ... he decides to take his life. Later Jorge Estrada a young man who was his childhood in this town decides to investigate more about the case of Gabriel, giving himself the opportunity to also meet this woman who asks unearth one guaca, it is at that moment that George has to decide whether help or not.

Loaned names
Heinner Rodríguez Silva
university extership of Colombia

Names provided narrates the drama of false positives in Colombia from a particular case. A young man with just 19 years must work to support his wife and daughter one day. One day out of his small town to a rural area to quote a job to a customer, but it ends up being a hoax.

To view the audiovisual works and vote for their favorite, Click here.

University Contest winner will receive a kit TecnoTelevisión production.

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