Keys to innovate in communication

When we talk about video, indepedientemente the purpose of it and the means we use to convey information to the user, the most important is to have a story and a pace that engages the public.

Juan Pablo Morales S. *

Previously organizations were afraid to innovate their habits, strategies and techniques because technology and communications did not support their needs or their operation. It was precisely the opposite of what happens today, when despite that technological developments can practically do everything you imagine, are culture and fear the strongest barriers to decision-making change.

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No doubt. Today customers, employees, audiences, market, family and virtually all people are connected in a mobile or from your PC to YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Periscope or your favorite OTT. In many cases, even more than you do to your TV in the open or pay signals.

Thus the communication tools organizations at all levels-from the corporate world with its stekeholers; commercial with its vendors; marketing with its market; human management with employees; training with his apprentices, among others should have an increasingly powerful and strategic digital component, to convey their messages as easy as a YouTuber makes our children every day.

The following seven considerations are some of the best tracks and arguments to lose fear, and dare turn around in the world of video in the cloud.

1. The withholding of information by the human memory, using video as a medium, is nine times greater than that recorded with reading, because the message goes directly to the central brain of the audience. Thus, the video becomes the best tool for corporate training programs, marketing and communications. By not implementing communication strategies with video, you are leaving out perhaps the most important medium that exists today.

2. Implement, without planning, it is worse. a significant investment is needed to make a bad video.

Any plan must comuniación from the following questions: Cuá is the message I want to communicate ?, Through what means I want the community to receive the message? and What I hope to do the audience once you know the message?

When we talk about video, indepedientemente the purpose of it and the means we use to convey information to the user (YouTube, Facebook, Website, TV, email etc.), the most important thing is to have a story and a pace that engages the public from the emotional.

In planning, one of the key steps is to try and rectify. Always, in any case, make a script, read it and submit it to the reading of several people. If not consider entertaining, innovative or relevant it is best to tune involving a language that it would be. The better the script, the better your finished product.

If you do not have time to plan it carefully, better not.

3. The measurement. The digital ecosystem enables it to life one of the most important tools to manage communications. Metrics that technology offers reveal the impact of a message from an optical coverage, engagement, relevance, identity and interest piques your content.

Measure not only it means knowing how many people have seen or browsed content on a page. Means have tools to know your audience, understand their preferences, familiar with their tastes, habits and predicting their reach your circles.

Indicators such as number of views or visits are important because they measure the coverage and scope. By delving into these data, information such as location, age and Genro users are clear light of the public is be consuming content.

Furthermore, indicators such as completion rate videos or View-Through Rate VTR, provides an idea of ​​the degree of user engagement with the message content.

One of the challenges in online video strategies is to amplify the messages in an organic way. And the magic of the Internet offers interactivity as one of its greatest values. Indicators such as the times you have shared a video and the number of comments generated, are the most valuable treasures to look and understand.

4. Thus promote interaction through direct communication with mechanisms such as chats and hashtags, it becomes one of the most effective tactics to achieve an amplification of the message within the target community.

5. continuously check the online positioning of their digital assets. To achieve a good result is essential to invest in SEO, and very convenient to do advertising on social networks and email campaigns. Using video much better positioned pages in Google, achieving greater visibility and likelihood of audiences.

6. Precision tags, keywords, descriptions and in general all the metadata that can include video platforms you use, are the most suitable to lead audiences to its contents mechanism. Using tools such as Google Kewword Planner is essential in order to understand what they want and how they look for people and their target market.

7. On the other hand, simplify workflow processes performing video during the last decade and the 'commoditization' of technical, equipment and supplies needed for audiovisual production, they have strengthened the content industry globally.

You have to take the plunge
Take advice from an expert to help evaluate the feasibility to establish an inhouse video production structure and compare it with the alternative of hiring the services of a production company. Remember too that comes to equipment, but creative skills, business communication and not only; production design and experience in performing videos. It is here that really becomes relevant content and message, amplifying and success.

* Juan Pablo Morales S. is Content Producer and digital video. You can contact through their Twitter user @JuanPMoralesS

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