Online Video Platforms, OVP's

What are online video platforms, OVP's ?, when ?, how do you choose them choose them?

Juan Pablo Morales Sarmiento *

Usually publishers tend to make many mistakes when selecting a management tool online video. What should be a long-term marriage, continually change becomes an expensive, time-consuming and, most times, painful.

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A Online Video Platform is a system that facilitates the management of audiovisual assets within an environment that offers tools to organize, measure, monetizing, syndicating and securing video content with which tells a publisher.

These systems allow the contents to integrate different digital environments where they are required. Whether in OTT's, Web, intranets, social networks etc.

The need for organizations to be known using video technology has become more evident, both for marketing and for human resources and communications day. The management of these assets should preferably be done through professional PVOs to clearly interpret the communication objectives. We must ask ourselves what we want to use the video, how we want to communicate a message and in which cases social networks are the most appropriate way to do it and in which cases they are not.

To choose a OVP must take into account some basic looking, together, a better user experience and maximizing the benefit of the publisher, including:

1. Accessibility cloud.
2. multiplatform availability.
3. UX and Accessibility.
4. Digital Rights Management (DRP)
5. Systems management and user authentication.
6. Advanced metrics.
7. Integration with Social Networks.
8. Advertising Standards Compliance IAB.

This time I will make a brief review of OVP, taking advantage of recently got a test account. Viddeo, a Latin American platform has grown, has caught my attention for its features, ease of use and integration with advanced technologies such as Aspera, VR and 4K and accessibility with APIs for advanced users.

Its simplicity to use makes it a long time is not required to understand how the platform, to the extent that anyone could easily manage a library from your own device and the place where you are working.

The videos are uploaded with a single click and easily organized in categories and playlists, along with all the metadata, which makes your referencing and search quick and easy. The live streaming videos are parameterized with a name and are automatically recorded on the network to automatically remain On Demand and also the user can have the option to live with DVR returned.

The platform makes transcoding in the cloud and creates profiles that the user wishes to ensure a good experience with Adaptive Streaming for any device.

Integration with systems like Aspera, allow quick and automatic intake, making the process much more attuned to the needs of broadcasters and large publishers. Your support Amazon Web Services and Akamai give the tranquility of being in a robust and scalable system.

Metrics, meanwhile, besides the standard information on impacts, including the CTR or rate videos viewed in full by users, delivering data very useful in order to understand the audience and thus provide content tailored to their needs and pleasures.

The ability to create galleries of videos to embed them in the style of a social network, is one of the most interesting features of this platform. This option can be achieved in a very short time, a website with videos of the platform, so anyone can access them without the publisher having to write a single line of code.

The platform meets the standards of IAB advertising and also has an interesting integration with social networks that lets you select any piece of video and automatically share it on social networks publisher.

Video platforms have been generally standardizing their technologies and value offerings. Their differentiation is based on something very simple, beyond technology: in customer service. Like almost everything. You have to choose the one that is willing to customizarse and be part of a long-term path.

* Juan Pablo Morales S. is Content Producer and digital video. You can contact through their Twitter user @JuanPMoralesS

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