Of thought analogous to digital behavior

The process of appropriation of behaviors in a population, so that they begin to be adopted as "culture" is the result of activating communication and transfer mechanisms, until a collective identity collectively and similar patterns are built.

Juan Pablo Morales *

Technology is a vehicle that transfers patterns of behavior, because it allows us to face life today with standard recipes for everyone, but the speed with which technology is changing and globalizing the masses, is much greater than has the appropriation process in the traditional industry.

- Advertising -

The history of consumer behavior audiovisual content split in two, with a clear milestone before and after Napster. There, technology triggered a transformation of an amazing way and consumers adopted so quickly, to become prosumers; but the traditional industry did not react in the same way.

Although for more than a decade in the television industry, is be spoken of the need to innovate in how to design, produce, package and distribute content, when attending international fairs contents, at least until two years ago, the practical panorama from the optical digital was something close to so no experience as disappointing.

And although almost all conferences in these conventions have been repeating, almost automatically, the concepts we associate to digital, - the words most repeated are "Change", "Netflix" and "YouTube" - was until this year at NATPE when I realized that culture seems begun to infiltrate the DNA of traditional broadcast industry, and the evolutionary genetic mutations within large manufacturing companies begin to give birth after a gestation period of 15 over years.

As I could corroborate interviewing more than ten colleagues, including studios and international distributors of content, several factors have been detonating in this process:

  • Social networks, except YouTube, almost to a little over a year ago began to integrate streaming Advanced video technology for professionals, they have refocused the attention of consumers towards them, and to the generated content own users.
  • The evolution of production technologies, scanning, video compression and distribution networks and data transport has enabled the rapid penetration of consumption practices contained in the hearings, improving image quality and coverage multiple business models, platforms and devices.
  • The ability to identify niche markets and access them through program advertising, so that this becomes much more specific and targeted, revolutionizing the way to market and create value through industry content production and entertainment.
  • Hearing loss in traditional windows and shift to digital media distribution, accelerating the pace of phenomena such as Cord Cutting internationally.
  • Mobilization, understood as the social transformation of the use of TV as a family appliance, the use of mobile and personal content consumption tool.

Market Opportunities
For content producers, with the previous scenario, the possibility of opening their horizon for new niches, expand the boundaries for the development of their companies.

The television industry and digital content is looking for differentiated products involving disruptive and enganchadores digital universes. Traditional publishers have already begun to take a look at what's happening in the digital world and NATPE in the corridors of Fountainebleau, is becoming more common to find producers of short form video formats storytelling, MCN's and technology companies for video digital.

For the creators of digital content it is important to start exploring other monetization, beyond wait for a sponsor brand finance the production of a web series or via a viral YouTube dynamic that results in significant benefits to be achieved.

One of the most interesting opportunities for producers is the international content market. Publishers need, more than ever, short for their digital platforms in a market that will continue to grow and that will not stop videos. Not only fiction web series, but also tutorials and universal cold contents.

The contents conceived, designed and produced for digital consumer and mobile devices have a wide market and need suppliers. It is important to think about timeless, comprehensive and easily adaptable to any language content. Most importantly, in the commercial chain, find an international distributor of confidence.

The only rule in this case is to produce good content industrially, focusing on production designs, using resources as efficiently as possible without forgetting that there are two video after an important factor in achieving this. cretiva preproduction and shooting with high productivity.

Beyond traditional publishers
But not only the market opportunities are in the big publishers. The virtual education sector is one of the best moments. The dynamics of this industry is accelerating in such a way that traditional universities are choosing to establish massive virtual learning mechanisms to recover a market that also is becoming increasingly digital. Production of video content for education will be soon, one of the fastest growing niches and acceleration.

Since the advent of MOOCs traditional schools, launching virtual programs reconicidas universities to the creation of new initiatives fully digital teaching, are the result of this trend that needs an industrial production of content, not only video but e -books, creative applications and multi tutorials.

On the other hand, the corporate sector, leaving aside its function of marketing and external communications, but with focus on its strictly related to the human resource function. Companies are beginning to turn significantly to the video and virtual platforms internal training.

I have participated in more than a dozen models implementation processes of internal corporate training in several cases of success with results that never cease to amaze. The result of deploying platforms private corporate video to provide staff induction, training, upgrade products and even to provide information directly and interactively, to show results or business plans from top management, has resulted in huge savings travel, transportation, travel, vacation and time.

The secret also for education and for the corporate remains the same as for television. The content should be intense, well planned, with three initial seconds snagging. People have short periods of concentranción and messages should be structured so that they have intelligently. Not because the employer video about the new product, means that your sales force to see and understand it properly. If something learned the broadcast is that the remote control is the best ally of good content. As Steve Stockman says, it made a good video is off.

* Juan Pablo Morales is the CEO of New Media. You can contact him through @JuanPMoralesS

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