With over 30 years in the television industry in Central America, Antonio Pérez highlights its growth in the region and quality of the professionals who compose it.

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Antonio Perez is a man of the world. Cuban by birth and Spanish descent, he grew up in Miami, Puerto Rico and Panama, the latter country in which he has developed his professional career in the television industry for over 20 years, after having studied electrical engineering and a master in electrical Engineering telecommunications emphasizing the Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta.

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In an interview with TVyVideo + Radio, the Senior Engineering and Technology Medcom group manager today, which operates three open TV channels, three channels of cable TV and three radio stations in Panama, he recalled his beginnings in television and some of its experiences over 30 years in the industry, both in Panama and Puerto Rico.

"Since childhood I was always a fan of television. I never plan to be in the industry, just evolved that way. During my college years I spent summers practicing in the electricity distribution company in Panama. My original intention was to stay in power branch electrical engineering. However, I touched this field was somewhat limited and Communications would better future so I made the change in mastery ".

His first job in the industry was on the Cable TV company in Panama, where he spent a few years because the situation in the country caused its closure. Therefore, in 1987 he came to Puerto Rico with a company in the same industry. Upon returning to Panama in 1995, he switched from cable TV to broadcast, a sector in which, according to confezó, was not so adept at that time. At the time he reached the RPC channel as engineering manager two years later joined rangefinder, his main rival and market leader, initiating what is now the Medcom Group.

He said that over the years, learning all kinds of people who become mentors are received. Our professional of the month has been fortunate to have several people who have served him as mentors. And what could bring them all is the emphasis on work detail, be careful what pays off is done. He has also learned that the values ​​of each person are those who lead in difficult times and are north in determining situations, both personally and professionally.

"In RPC O'Meally I met Lloyd - one of the giants of television in Central America, who was soon to retire. Lloyd over the years has been one of my mentors. Not someone who speaks a lot but does not have to say much to influence what you do. I was leading over the years, offering suggestions and catching me when I needed it. Even when he was already retired - for that I am eternally grateful, "he said.

always moved days
Antonio Pérez days are long. AM start at 5, time you go running or to the gym. Returns home and 8: 00 am is in the company. Step followed organizes the day seeing where scheduled meetings are and what are the five points that must attend on the day are. Is more than five but sometimes the agenda is taken over and must expand.

"I have an open door policy without much protocol. Why I receive visits at all times and all staff with which I am involved and others not. I also like walking manage the company, making contact in the areas of my responsibility and with internal customers from other departments. Problem solving never really ends - finding solutions rather find consensus among those responsible. In some cases it is not possible and yourself must make the decision, "he said.

At noon, if the schedule permits, returns home for lunch, one of the advantages to living four blocks from the company. Return to 2: 00 pm and there usually is trying to attack specific agenda items and move projects as possible. At 5pm most people who work 8 5 to go and opens the opportunity to work uninterrupted until 7 pm to trying to go every day, if there is nothing urgent.

On the challenges faced in their daily work, he noted that the technological challenges are today less availability of information and with not having what is required locally. The vast majority of things have to be imported and must be taken into account that time in the process of obtaining technology.

"We have managed to absorb technology as we expanded the use of cutting-edge equipment. Said that it is always necessary to keep staff up to date on the latest technology. This is a challenge that changes from year to year, so you always have to be on top of the latest in the industry to see how it affects us as a company and how it affects the level of absorption of technology by technicians. On the other hand, Medcom is a believer in investing in high technology and thanks to that we have made rapid progress in its implementation, on an accelerated basis. "

The future of the industry
30 years in the media industry, Antonio Pérez allow you to make a picture of how the industry is in your country and region. He stressed that television continues to grow in Panama and Central America. There is enough competition for the advertising pie. Furthermore with digital media taking greater prominence each year. But traditional media continue to lead bigger share of the audience. As recently as 2014 Latin America led the world in growth Investment in Advertising (about 12% annual growth).

"Television in Panama has made great strides. Since I arrived in 1995 there have been radical changes. Was the first country in Central America: using servers and automation emission (1997), scanning infrastructure (2004), managed by files discarding Videotapes (2009), install High Definition (2011), and will probably be the first country Central to shut down analog signals, "he added.

He added that Panama has always been a very competitive TV industry with strong groups controlling the main stations. Additionally, he has had highly capable staff and owners who dare to implement technologies because they see him the benefit of implementing it.

Between sport and music
Antonio Pérez has a marriage that began today in 1989 and 27 three children, 21 and 18 years. In addition to his family, sport is one of his passions, both amateur practice. Since 30 years runs daily, it is what they call a "Gym Rat" where you lift weights, exercising early in the morning. Also plays basketball, golf and soccer.

He is a fan of all sports, but mainly Baseball (Atlanta Braves), Football (Barcelona), Football (Miami Dolphins), Basketball (Boston Celtics), up to ice hockey (Boston Bruins). He likes music but never received training. His tastes are eclectic and varied, it has a very extensive collection of over 30,000 songs.

"I am a telecommunications consultant, getting involved in the design of communication systems high-profile 20 Panama over the past years. I'm not leaving expand in this area more as my retirement approaches. I perform well in computer - PCs and modifying arming. I also got involved in the design of wireless networks. Finally, am the president of the company that my father left us, a company that accrues industrial packaging locally just called - Industrial Packaging, SA "he said.

Richard St.
Author: Richard St.
Journalist from the University of Antioquia (2010), with experience in technology and economics. Editor of the magazines TVyVideo + Radio and AVI Latin America. Academic Coordinator of TecnoTelevisión & Radio.



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