What the internet does not have TV

The entertainment industry has based its evolution on understanding that what a user is looking for are experiences. Linear TV has an important challenge in this sense because it must evolve very fast, hand in hand with the digital.

Juan Pablo Morales Sarmiento *

The trend of content consumption shows a greater acceleration of the participation of the internet as a means of communication, to the point that some analysts have come to affirm that television, as we know it now, would disappear in the medium term.

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I think television has disappeared as we used to know it, because the evolution of the dynamic of the message already forced the medium to evolve in the same way.

During LA Screenings, in May of this year, some of the most important TV executives in the region stated that they are engaging business strategies that seek, through digital platforms, to interact with their audiences, engage with alternative and complementary content, As well as monetize with subscription and advertising mechanisms.

The main objective of the media is not content or messages, but its users or consumers.

What is being debated is the route and future of exclusively linear TV as a business model, which clearly disappeared considering the above arguments. And while first-quarter results showed a much greater reduction than ever in the number of pay-TV users in the United States, with a loss of more than 800.000 subscribers, and consumption of content based on digital platforms that does not stop Grow, executives, advertisers, producers and programmers are taking steps to adapt to the market.

But what does the disappearance of TV really mean?
Beyond the typical discussion based on the idea that digital offers what users want to consume, at the time, place and device they want, this theory is the result of the emergence of business models that took advantage of something that has internet And that the linear TV will never be able to match: User Experience.

Offering content on demand, mobile, generated by users, distributed by social, interactive and personalized platforms; The Internet will always take the lead in front of the linear TV.

This is how the future of TV will continue to build on the following bases:

Those who develop production must find narrative and communication alternatives that integrate with the digital way of life, through techniques that allow the easy localization, adaptation, gamification, socialization and programming of their concepts and the messages they want to share.

Programmers will have to become much more involved in the digital and social behavior of their audiences, selecting creative content that can be supported on converged media.

The entire industry must focus on the detailed metrics available, to know, one by one, its users, and to know, what they consume and what they need, so that they can offer targeted, accurate and increasingly effective advertising.

Advertisers should be more actively involved in each phase of the industry value chain, including the creative and strategic process, making their own content, as well as deciding the media they know and have a better access to the consumer profile They want to connect.

Audiences, for sure, will continue to choose their content according to their own convenience, so it is preferable to be on their side, because otherwise it means not being.

The entertainment industry has based its evolution on understanding that what a user is looking for are experiences. Linear TV has an important challenge in this sense because it must evolve very quickly, with the digital, to hybrid models that allow to accelerate the linear consumption, with online mechanisms, based on a fast and flexible dynamic. Traditional TV knows how Show Business is, now it only needs a bit of articulated and teamwork, creativity and daring to monetize the experiential strategies that the online world opens continuously.

* Juan Pablo Morales Sarmiento is CEO of New Media. You can contact him through his Twitter account @JuanPMoralesS.

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