Adriana Labardini assumes as IFT President

Mexico. In the framework of the fourth anniversary of the installation of the Plenary of the Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT), Commissioner Adriana Labardini Inzunza assumed the Presidency of the IFT until the Senate of the Republic named the Commissioner President.

During her message to the Commissioners, public servants of the Institute and members of the Advisory Council, Commissioner Labardini acknowledged the outstanding work of Commissioner Gabriel Conteras Saldivar, whose position as President of the Institute concluded the 10 in September, as well as the achievements and vision of all the Commissioners:

"All the commissioners are experts, professional, knowledgeable and resilient, each with a vision, strategies, specialties and, perhaps, different priorities; the important thing is their commitment to autonomy, impartiality; transparency and the achievement of positive results in the areas of competence of the Institute, "said Labardini.

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The Commissioner recalled that she, like a number of her colleagues, has fought since 1990 for the transformation of telecommunications and broadcasting: a regulation that drives effective competition, consumer welfare and audiences, competitive industry, and of society as a whole, which requires diverse options of public services and digital platforms to progress.

After recognizing the work of the Institute's staff in all its headquarters, the Commissioner emphasized that four years after the creation of the Institute, it is vital to stop to reflect on the past and future, to review priorities, strategies and routes. He recalled that today there is a very positive balance on several fronts, as the OECD, among other agencies and specialists, point out, but there are also pending challenges and medium-term issues that are already important to analyze.

In the same way, Labardini mentioned that the agenda of the future, which is already of the present, obliges to address issues such as economic competition in a digital ecosystem; the security of networks and services, the most efficient forms of spectrum allocation and use, cloud computing, platforms in the sharing economy; new satellite and fixed-access mobile technologies, as well as changing consumer habits and content and application audiences.

He said that it will be necessary to consolidate coordination with other powers of the Mexican State and interact with the Advisory Council in a more dynamic way, to have its advice on issues that require immediate action or immediate planning. He announced that from today will open a box of ideas, proposals and reflections to promote the initiative and innovation of all employees of the Institute:

Adriana Labardini is a lawyer at the Free School of Law, with a Master's Degree in Law from Columbia University in New York. He has specialized in Law and public policies of telecommunications and information technologies for development, as well as in the protection of the rights of consumers and users.

She held the position of Technical Secretary of the Plenary in the Federal Telecommunications Commission from August 1999 to July 2003, and during 16 years she collaborated as an associate and member of a specialized firm in the areas of Corporate, Administrative and Telecommunications Law.

He has given numerous lectures, courses and diplomas, as well as published articles on Telecommunications Law and ICTs, Access to Collective Justice, Consumer Protection in various public and private institutions and universities, both nationally and abroad. She was Fulbright Fellow and social entrepreneur Ashoka. She was also Director and Founder of Alconsumidor, a non-profit association and a pioneer in the defense of the rights of consumers and telecommunications users.

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