CNTV provided funds for new TV shows

Chile. 265 projects competed this year in nine competing lines for the 4.227.534.000 Chilean pesos of the CNTV 2017 Fund. The event was attended by the President of the Republic, Michelle Bachelet, along with the Secretary General of the Government, Paula Narváez, CNTV Councilors and Directors, television channel directors, audiovisual directors, among other authorities.

For the President of the National Television Council, Oscar Reyes, the CNTV Fund is the only subsidy for Chilean television. "We have been 25 years delivering resources to the production of television programs, both independent producers and television channels, and throughout its history has awarded more than 300 quality television programs and content."

"One of the challenges that we proposed as the National Television Council was to create the community production fund for the first time. Together with the quality TV funding that the CNTV grants every year and has driven major programs, we have given life to a new fund intended for community production, which is part of the promotion of pluralism in television undertaken by the Council, "said Oscar Reyes.

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At the awards ceremony held at the Municipal Theater in Santiago, the CNTV Trajectory Prize was awarded for the third year in a row, which was awarded to the academic of the Catholic University of Chile, Valerio Fuenzalida, for his research trajectory, publications on children's television and audience studies.

The categories and winners were:
• A Historical Series: "The Art of Silence"
• Three Fiction Series: "Reinas", "Los Carcamales" and "Santiago Quiñones Tira"
• Two Non-fiction Series: "Sergio Larrain, the eternal moment" and "Shit, shit: the function must continue".
• Three Regional Productions: "Migrants", "Memories of Trees" and "Life simply".
• A children's program for pre-schoolers from 3 to 6 years: "Mundo perro".
• Two programs for children from 6 to 12 years: "ChanchiPerri & La Villania League" and "Locos Lab".
• A New Seasons Support Program: "Latin American Dreams"
• An international co-production program: "Invisible Heroes".
• 11 community programs: "La Junta", "Revealing the City", "La Mesa", "Viento Acorde", "Somos Refugio", "Emancipadas", Valparaiso Dissident "," Women of Change in Tarapacá " sabias-KÜWÜ RAKIDUAM "," GraffitiPlay Series: Inspiring new generations "and" Memories of Parral ".

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