Winners of the FONTV Convocation announced - II semester

Colombia. The National Television Authority, ANTV, selected the audiovisual proposals that will receive incentives for $ 700 million from the Fund for the Development of Television and Content.

This year, for the first time, the entity issued a second call for industry promotion to finance free-fiction series and unitary documentaries highlighting historical, cultural, religious or linguistic aspects.

The selection of the projects was carried out by a committee composed of three external jurors, who reviewed each received project and evaluated, among other aspects, the relationship between the content of the project and the relationship with the categories proposed in the call, the plan production and budget.

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These were the selected proposals:

1 Category: Fiction series aimed at companies producing audiovisual content, minimum four (4) free theme chapters:

• Wild Movies Audiovisual Factor EU: The good executioner.

2 Category: Documentary unitary of minimum 24 minutes in HD whose content is oriented to exalt the pillars that support the existence of the ethnic groups in any of their contexts (historical, cultural, religious or linguistic, among other aspects).


• Tortugaña Awá Indigenous Reservation: Ñambí and Telembi live.
• Afro-Colombian Cultural Foundation: Tambor y Caña (Fucataryca) Aires of my ancestors.
• Indigenous Unit of the Awá People: Melkin Attim Kanta Kasa Ikipupas (Walking with our ancestral music).
• Quillasinga Indigenous Reservation, Solkamashik Refuge: The Walking Path.
• Yanakona Indigenous Reservation of Caquiona: Soul and sound one will be.
• Organization of the Raizal Community with Residency Outside the Archipelago of San Andrés Providencia and Santa Catalina Islands (ORFA): Drums.
• Raizal Youth Organization (R-Youth): Fruits from the Raizal Land.

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