Sony to have camera training in Mexico

Mexico. Sony PSLA will have between September and 19 a practical theoretical training on its HSC-21R and HSC-100R cameras in Mexico City, which will be dictated by a Sony engineer.

Participants will be able to develop the skills necessary to keep their equipment in top condition. The agenda of the three-day conference will address issues such as:

  • HD Technology
  • HSC System Technology
  • DSP Technology
  • Description of circuits in cards
  • Camera Control Unit
  • Main parts - mechanical system
  • Camera Mechanical System
  • Procedure for updating
  • Maintenance Menu Description
  • Operation Menu

The training will take place at Sony de México SA de CV offices, located at La Fé 50 Col. Lomas de Santa Fe, in Mexico City.

To participate in Sony training, Click here.

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