Kaltura offers its CloudTV service to all devices

IBC. Kaltura announced new updates to its CloudTV platform because it believes traditional TV is shifting dramatically from traditional broadcast broadcasts to IP broadcasts and many companies are looking for solutions to create their own TV offer exclusively in the cloud.

The KalturaTV platform with its updates guarantees an availability of 99,995% for live TV or VOD broadcasts on all devices, transforming the company into the first in the market to commit to this level of service. This is because the company is prepared to offer scalable IP solutions in the cloud for large carriers and communication companies around the world.

The Israeli company made a significant investment to create a platform with a modular structure that allows its customers to experience a variety of business models and other resources and functions in order to find the best solutions for their clients to offer TV services in the cloud.

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In this way, the flexibility of the platform allows Kaltura to integrate with traditional TV platforms, and once the integration is done, they migrate for a hybrid solution in the cloud allowing customers to take advantage of their previous investment, both set- top boxs (SBTs) and infrastructure as they move their structure to the cloud.

The latest update of the Kaltura TV platform includes a number of resources that allow customization of user resources, allowing operators to access their customers' profiles more quickly and efficiently.

"The experience of watching TV is changing rapidly, so the company offers customers scalable cloud TV services, being the only market available with 99,995% availability for all devices from the cloud," said Shay David , Kaltura co-founder, president and general manager of media and telecommunications.

For David, the important thing is that with the update of the Kaltura TV platform it is possible to deliver "total flexibility offering a variety of experiences to end users, all managed on a single platform, which can seamlessly integrate with STB and traditional platforms."

The Kaltura executive says that as the big live television broadcasts increase, the demand for internet streaming grows and so the operators began to perceive that they can not have failures in the transmission. "Imagine a failure in the buffering that causes the end customers not to see their team's goal in the championship final !. For this reason, Kaltura created custom solutions with world-class global developers and partnered with leading technology platforms in the market to avoid these problems. For this reason, today we are the only qualified company to guide its clients in this moment of transformation of the CloudTV ".

Main updates of the Kaltura TV platform:

• Marketing Campaigns and Promotional Coupon Creation Systems: Operators can now create new products and special offers for their customers through a special mechanism that allows dynamic coupon bid creations;
• Personalization created from the interest of the client: Users can select the favorite content and thus take advantage of the service in a personal way to deliver content closer to their preferences. Customers will be able to receive notifications when new contents are included and these match their specific interests. This is important for customers who are fans of sports events because they can customize their programming from the teams, players and competitions of their choice.
• Ability to prevent contract disruption (Churn): Operators will have access to a set of tools that can help prevent future decisions to cancel the service. For this the Kaltura solution works proactively, evaluating the "satisfaction rates" of the clients and in this way try to prevent possible service interruption decisions.
• Improvements in the search service including the historical perfecting the experience and giving the end users the possibility of recovering previous explorations; such as the uses of the Soundex (algorithm of indexation of words based on sounds) that improves the experience and adds resources in this language allowing the users to consult fuzzy with spelling errors, alternative spelling or synonyms of words.

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