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This is an example of how a local radio station can become a medium with a global audience thanks to the use of technologies that provide new options to the public.

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KEXP is a local station based in Seattle, Washington, which is known for promoting independent music and discovering new artists, based on the preferences of their DJs. In most of its schedule, KEXP transmits alternative rock. The station also presents special programs dedicated to particular musical genres, including blues, world music, hip hop, punk, electronic and alternative country.

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In order to reach new audiences, the station complemented its FM signal with a television installation, with Dalet technology, which generates content for its social network channels. As KEXP increased its audience, particularly online, it required a technology solution to scale along with it. The project was varied and required:

• The preservation and protection of the extensive LP catalog and CD assets of the station against deterioration.
• Integration of archived content with multimedia content produced internally and acquired from external sources on a daily basis.
• Increase in the production of multimedia content by streamlining work and collaboration among all users.
• Expansion to new models of digital consumption through publications on social networks.
• A platform to manually play this content on the air.

The first challenge was to provide tools to cure musical experiences, training DJs to play their music quickly and easily. KEXP also needs a working engine to organize the constant growth of the content flow and to unify the content produced and reproduced on air. Finally, this content is stored thanks to Dalet's digital library.

Expand multimedia production and publishing
Dalet has laid the foundations for this once small radio station to grow its online presence and its brand internationally. It is the fundamental platform that provides KEXP with end-to-end production and distribution work from booking to live recordings, from music curation to broadcast and from radio to distribution on social networks.

One project that the station team wanted to achieve was to create, select and make available a variety of resources for the public, that could find more about a musician or band. This goes from the content of the blog written in the house to the digitalized cover for which still photographs are taken and loaded in Dalet, to the production of short format video interviews and behind the scenes clips of the live sessions.

"Basically, we want to create the kind of things that people will want to share on social networks," Raup said. "The Dalet platform helps us automate the production, monitoring and management of all these assets, basically freeing us so that we can do more for our audience and reach more people."

With Dalet Galaxy KEXP you can make over 500 live recordings of musical events a year and curate the content with complete metadata from the artist glossary. DJs can easily produce and play content as well as offer large amounts of content to KEXP's content management system (CMS) and social networks with automated multiplatform distribution.

A redesigned website works as a center for everything that is fashionable and that is happening in indie music. The idea is to take the point of interest and experience all the different ways in which the public can fall in love with an artist thanks to the precise information, the correct story told, the video of the performance and the knowledge of the KEXP DJs. It has podcasts, live content and video on demand in the studio and remote execution, which includes the live sessions archived in the studio.

The Dalet solution transformed KEXP, once a small radio station, by training them with the ability to create, manage and distribute a full range of audio and video content live, recorded and on demand, to improve the

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