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Currently, there are easy to implement applications that allow innovating in the way of delivering content, making the public fall in love, totally oriented to the user experience of engagement and loyalty of their audience.

Juan Pablo Morales Sarmiento

The challenge of discovering and learning to measure the rates of return on investment of activities and communication strategies based on techniques and technologies of live streaming still persists.

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It is not an easy task either, because there is no mathematical formula that allows it to be done, just as neither, even if there is one, would be applied equally to each strategy and use case.

Recent studies show that the expected growth of Live Straming video will grow 15 times over the next four years. According to the GlobalWebIndex for June of 2017, the 28% of Internet users watched live streaming through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, while a year earlier, this figure reached only 20%.

In this order of ideas, anyone who has the design, creation, production or publication of audiovisual content within their activities should take advantage of the capabilities and the potential of live streaming to strengthen their results, because each day it becomes more relevant between consumers and becomes, in addition, a fundamental part of the strategies of social networks to publish and monetize content.

To strengthen the results, as publishers we must focus on the 2 main reasons why audiences consume straming live. The first is the fear of missing something important.

As a sports game, there is a huge difference between watching it live, or delayed knowing the final result. The sensations and the adrenaline of the spectators does not compare between these two options.

The second reason is the basis of true communication, integrating the possibility of printing the magic of the interaction between the user and the sender.

Livestream claimed last year that 87% of users prefer live streaming over linear TV shows, when they include behind-the-scenes content, showing the mystery that television brings.

These two reasons are enough to ask us if we are really doing well when we deploy a series of human, technical and financial resources to publish live either the academic days of a meeting, a concert, a match or an activation of a brand, with the only aim to seek the greatest impact, but forgetting that behind any strategy, there must be a plan and some minimum activities to follow.

In any case not even a good invoice, a perfect audio, an experienced switcherman or an exceptional production, can guarantee that your live conference, your concert, or whatever your event, exceeds demanding expectations.

Be sure to develop a digital strategy that raises the fear of losing content and that generates awareness with digital assets that support and accompany the interaction with the audience.

Innovation in this case becomes a critical success factor that guarantees the greatest effectiveness of your plan, as opposed to the overwhelming competition that currently exists to attract the attention of your audience among millions of publishers.

How to innovate in Live Streaming?

1 Be sure to hire qualified personnel for strategy and production.
Even though I'm sure that in your family or someone close to you, some minor nephew of 9 years is already uploading live videos to YouTube or Facebook Live, in the corporate world delegate the live video to experienced companies exclusively technically, it would be equivalent to delegating it to that minor.

The qualified personnel will always advise you to design a strategy focused on achieving your audience objectives, with digital marketing techniques, neurocontents and design and production development. Go beyond the camera and the microphones.

2 Focus on your niche with relevant and entertaining content for them.
If you want your employees to follow live the conference of the president of the company, either for the launch of a product, to receive information about the results of the organization or to report on their bonuses for the end of the month, if not It makes entertaining, it has only three options: to force them to see it (surely with a supervisor behind), not to do it or to make it entertaining.

I recently had the opportunity to be at the head of the webcast of one of the events with the greatest impact in the region on digital content. In this event we corroborate that the proposal we designed to engage the public, more than doubled the engagement, interactivity and results of the event, compared to what was traditionally done and that was focused exclusively on academic content.

3 Also worry about the audio on the camera.
The technical aspects are decisive, and neglecting them can result in something very expensive. The quality of connection, video and audio, the generation of characters, the mix of VTRs, curtains, the handling of cameras, planimetry, travel, music and effects, among others, are all key elements to be able to guarantee that they are seeing it and that These users are enjoying what you offer.

Ensure a sufficient budget, do not lose your investment. Consider hiring, in another case, a recording for the memories of your event and edit it at the end. Poor quality live video will cost you your image and reputation. In addition, the cost per viewer of a poor production can be up to ten times greater than that of a good experience.

4 Interact with your audience. Innove.
Allow your audience to talk with you, integrating interactive elements such as chats, calls, applications, voting, contests, prizes and even live animated characters. Exploit the magic and mystery of live streaming.

Social networks and Google are your best allies, but the best allies must be close and happy and that also requires a budget.

Currently, there are easy to implement applications that allow innovating in the way of delivering content, making the public fall in love, totally oriented to the user experience of engagement and loyalty of their audience. Technologies that are migrating from digital to broadcast because they do not find in the new ecosystem people who understand their importance in a commercial environment, while they are doing it on television. Advise yourself

5 Do it regularly.
As in any advertising campaign or in a community generation plan, you have to work with persistence.

Prepare a consistent and regular plan so that it lasts at least six months. There is no business model in communication that can return the investment in such a time. Have them follow it continuously and thus increase your community of users.

6 Think and act like a storyteller.
Reach your audience with human stories, not with flat lectures. Design content that invites the audience to feel identified with you. Evaluate making a content cure, prepare your keynote with a communication expert.

Technology advances very fast and Live Streaming is not far behind. But do not worry that this is not about technology but about culture and innovation in communication.

Juan Pablo Morales Sarmiento is the CEO of NuevosMedios, you can contact him through his Twitter account @JuanPMoralesS or email

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