Miami, EEUU
January 16 - 18
More information: http://www.natpe.com

Broadcast Video and audio profesionals
London, England
27 February - March 1
For more information: http://www.bvexpo.com

Andina Link

Cartagena Colombia
March 6 - 8
For more information: http://www.andinalink.com

- Advertising -


Chillan, Chile
For more information: http://www.archi.cl

NAB Show
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

April 7 - 12
For more information: http://www.nabshow.com

Pay TV Summit

Lima, Peru
May 9 - 10
For more information: http://www.aptcperu.org/

Future Ad
Buenos Aires, Argentina
May 15 - 16
For more information: https://argentina.futureadseries.com/

NexTV Argentina
Buenos Aires, Argentina
May 16 - 17
More information on https://nextvseriessouthamerica.com/

InfoComm TecnoMultimedia
Sao Paulo, Brazil
May 22 - 24
For more information: http://www.tecnomultimedia.com.br

Cine Gear Expo
Hollywood, USA
May 31 June 3
For more information: http://www.cinegearexpo.com

InfoComm Show

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
June 6 - 8
For more information: http://www.infocommshow.org

Panama City, Panama
June 21 - 22
For more information:http://www.tepal.org/

convergence Show
Mexico City, Mexico
June 5 - 7
For more information: http://convergenciashow.mx/

Future Ad
Bogota Colombia
June 6
For more information: https://colombia.futureadseries.com/

NexTV Colombia
Bogota, Colombian
June 7
For more information: https://nextvseriescolombia.com/

Cine Video Expo TV
Mexico City, Mexico
June 12 - 14
For more information: http://www.revistapantalla.com/expo/

InfoComm TecnoMultimedia

Mexico City, Mexico
August 15 - 17
For more information: http://www.tecnomultimedia.com.mx

Congress AMITRA
Acapulco, Mexico
For more information: http://amitra.mx/

Sao Paulo, Brazil
August 28 - 30
For more information: http://www.setexpo.com.br/


Amsterdam, Netherlands
September 14 - 18
For more information: http://www.ibc.org

SCTE Cable Tec
Denver, Colorado, USA
For more information: http://expo.scte.org

Andina Link
Costa Rica

September 4 - 6
For more information: http://www.andinalink.com/

] International ornadas
Buenos Aires, Argentina
More information: http://www.atvc.org.ar

Future Ad
Mexico City, Mexico
September 25 - 26
For more information: http://mexico.futureadseries.com/

NexTV Mexico
Mexico City, Mexico
September 26 - 27
More information on https://nextvseriesmexico.com/

Expotec Peru
Lima, Peru
September 27 - 29
For more information: http://www.expotecperu.com/

TencnoTelevisión & Radio

Bogota Colombia
October 3 - 5
For more information: http://www.tecnotelevision.com

InfoComm TecnoMultimedia
Bogota Colombia
October 3 - 5
For more information: http://www.tecnomultimedia.com.co

Buenos Aires, Argentina
October 24 - 26
For more information: http://www.caper.org.ar

Next TV CEO Latin America
November 1 - 2
For more information: http://nextvceolatinamerica.com/

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
November 13 - 19
For more information: http://www.ldishow.com

Cancun, Mexico
November 14 - 16
For more information: http://www.mipcancun.com/es/

Future Ad
Sao Paulo, Brazil
November 28
For more information: http://brasil.futureadseries.com/

NexTV Brazil
Sao Paulo, Brazil
November 29
More information on http://nextvseriesbrasil.com/

Richard St.
Author: Richard St.
Journalist from the University of Antioquia (2010), with experience in technology and economics. Editor of the magazines TVyVideo + Radio and AVI Latin America. Academic Coordinator of TecnoTelevisión & Radio.



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