CNTV delivered first concessions to community channels

Chile. As a unique and unprecedented event in the history of Chilean TV, the awarding of the first four digital concessions of local coverage with community character, awarded by the National Television Council, CNTV, was awarded.

Following the enactment of the Digital Television Law, in May of the 2014, technical standards were set for analogue channels to migrate to digital, and a map of the 116 available digital frequencies was established, so that new television signals could enter, either national, regional, local and local communities.

"The Network of Community Audiovisual Workers" of the city of Arica, "The Center for Community Development" of the town of Peñaflor, Talagante and Isla de Maipo, the "3 La Victoria Signal Audiovisualists Association" and the "Agrupación of Audiovisualists of Pichilemu "will count for the first time with a concession to transmit their television content in digital.

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"Chile requires more and more pluralism, and better representation and inclusion of all sectors of society.With the entry of these four channels we give the initial go to a new television scenario for the country where all and all who make television may have access ", highlighted the CNTV president.

In the application process, which began in March of 2017, the applicants, through an application, had to specify the type of grant they wanted to apply for, be it national, regional, local or local of a community nature.

Each applicant, at the time of competing, had to present a technical, financial, legal background and the orientation of the programmatic contents to spread in their signals.

This process was carried out through a public contest, for which local advisory committees were created for each of the applicant communities.

First regional and local concessions
The CNTV received 161 frequency requests throughout Chile. Of these, the SUBTEL approved 85 feasible frequencies for the transmission of free reception television, which were already called for public tender and are in the content, legal and technical evaluation stage.

191 contestants presented their technical project and all the documentation required in the bases, postulating 16 to national channels, 30 to regional channels, 23 to local channels, and 5 to local community channels.

Currently, new television broadcasting concessions have been awarded locally in the towns of La Ligua and Petorca, El Quisco, Quillota and La Calera, Casablanca and Villa Alemana.

On the other hand, there are 849 analog technology television concessions that are already in the process of migrating to digital technology. To date, applications for migration to digital technology have been submitted to the CNTV 91, of which 74 digital concessions have been granted and the remaining 17 applications are awaiting approval of their technical project by SUBTEL.

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