Telecaribe has a sports channel on DTT

The Colombian Caribbean Region, and especially Barranquilla, has a loyal following of sports. Not only because it is the headquarters of the Colombian national football team, there is also a strong fondness among the population for baseball and boxing. For this reason, for the regional Telecaribe channel, sports are a fundamental issue.

In response to this interest of the population of the Region and taking advantage of the multiplexing of the signal that allows Digital Terrestrial Television, TDT, Telecaribe opened a second exclusive signal for sports, which was launched in 2017 with HD quality.

Simón Arregocés Tapias, head of the Telecaribe Engineering Division told TVyVideo + Radio that this second channel is highlighting activities that are not of interest for commercial television. And more and more the viewer's interaction during the transmissions.

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He stressed that in the technological part, they have 10 mobile reporting equipment based on smartphone, accompanied by a microphone and a transmission system, which allow images to be sent to the Canal from the entire Region. This team is responsible for sports content mainly.

Telecaribe is the regional channel of the Caribbean Region, which implies that it disseminates to the 7 departments that comprise it. Its operations center is in Barranquilla, including the production studios, the emission center and the administrative area. They go to the regions when there are special coverings, live broadcasts or series recordings, a subject that they are working hard on.

Although they do not have studies in each department of the Region, they have signal transport technology, both satellite and IP, which allows them an easy connection to do any transmission. Each municipality has the coverage of the Canal for its events.

Renovation for the new headquarters
The headquarters that Telecaribe occupies four years ago has four production studios. One main for live products, the second makes the humor series, the third is dedicated exclusively to the chance draw and the fourth is for sports programs.

When they moved to the new headquarters, they had to do a technological renovation for the entire Canal. They started by listening to the needs of each of the areas and thus prioritized the adoption of technology. One of the first investments was to prepare to broadcast in HD. Today the 100% of your grill is in high definition, with the exception of archival material.

Simón Arregocés commented that "Telecaribe was not prepared budgeted to assume the costs implied by the new headquarters, but today financially it is a solvent Channel. At the end of 2013 we received the first resources of the National Television Authority, with which we acquired study cameras and a video switcher. Another subject was the video library, for which a MAM was purchased. Today we are thinking of strengthening so that the system can grow. "

In sports they are also growing. They acquired two repeater teams, two mobile units, one of them with capacity for 10 cameras, the other is a bit smaller to cover medium events. Both support the work that is done for the second signal in TDT.

The Canal has not married any specific manufacturer for the adoption of technology. His technical boss explained that the criteria for the selection of new technology start from equipment and systems that have a cost that the Canal can access and that the engineers can operate.

Among the investment projects prepared by Telecaribe, there is the strengthening of the archiving system, which will go from 30 teras to 180 in online storage and acquired a new LTO library that, together with the current 400 storage server.

The MAM will also be updated to make content broadcast, in order to integrate the file, the broadcast and the transcoding under one system. Studies are also being made pending civil adjustments since they were moved to the new headquarters.

"We have identified some developments that can mean a risk for open TV, especially changes in video consumption, with VoD, OTT platforms, multi-screen. That is why we have migrated to the new platforms, in which we have invested in the last six months ", concluded Simón Arregocés.

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